Dog Has Hilarious Reaction When Owner Says The Magic Word

Published October 26, 2018 9,767 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPets can really make for some fun and entertaining moments! We love to have them around us and they can be endlessly entertaining! All over the Internet there are videos of pets or animals doing some very funny things. You can spend hours watching dogs doing crazy things, birds whistling, cats being moody, and much more. Pet lovers love to see great videos showing off how smart, funny, cute, or heartwarming pets can be. Although many different animals can be household pets, the ones that provide the best moments, are dogs for sure. Dogs are one of the most common and definitely one of the best pets to have! Just search the Internet and you will see countless videos of dogs being dogs. There is a dog to match every personality out there! There are small dogs, big dogs, loud dogs, energetic dogs, and even protective dogs. The best part about having a dog is seeing their reaction to certain events! As shown in this video, you will see this little dog’s funny reaction to its owner saying one specific word!

Dogs act very much like little innocent and naïve children! This is probably why people like them so much. Think about the times a certain word is mentioned in front of a child and they immediately recognize it triggering a certain emotion in them. This is the reason most parents like to spell out words in front of their children so they won’t recognize the word. This video is about a small dog who has a certain trigger word. This word that makes him up and running is “Walk!” Like most dogs, this dog has a real fondness for going for a walk. This seems to solicit the same response as saying “toys” to young children.

This video begins with a woman filming the back of her couch, with no dog in sight! The owner asks if the dog, Benny, would like to go for a walk. As a viewer you are wondering, where is this dog, he is nowhere in sight. As soon as she finishes the word “walk”, Benny’s small head pops out over the couch! It is so cute and funny seeing his little head just pop up out of nowhere!

As Benny eagerly stares at the woman, she repeats the sentence. Once again, as soon as she finishes her trigger word, Benny goes into action. He leaps from the couch to the floor and lies down really attentively! He is perched up and ready to go for a walk. You can tell that Benny is definitely a big fan of walks and probably waits for them endlessly all day! The owner gets eye level with the dog and repeats her sentence. Benny is so eager to go out, lying down is his way of showing her he is ready and waiting for his leash. Benny looks like a child at school that is sitting nice and correct so he can be released for recess! Hopefully Benny had a lot of fun taking a walk with his owner!

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