Adorably Toddler Hilariously Struggles To Walk Dog On Leash

Published October 25, 2018 1,470 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThere’s no joy like a dog and his boy. The adage is so true as to be a timeless archetype. There was even a science fiction movie with this title. You can’t help but smile at seeing the dog, who appears to be the “alpha male” of the dynamic duo (at least for now), teach his boy a thing or two. There is time enough for the boy to give the orders, but for now his dog is both a big brother and a nanny.

Look at the dog’s happiness when he knocks the boy down and climbs on top of him. The interaction is just dripping with play. There is zero hostility on display, and it’s almost as if we can actually see the dog smiling. The boy is playing the submissive “prey” splendidly, kicking his legs, offering his throat for the kill. The dog finally “mauls” his victim’s arm, tearing the young human to shreds! The victim seems all too willing to offering himself for the sake of bolstering his canine friend’s self-esteem. Even though dogs were bred to more or less kiss up to their master, we can see this relationship is based on mutual trust and respect.

The enactment brings great joy to the viewer, we who get it. It’s such a universal scene that we can easily put ourselves in both of the actors’ places. Nobody watching could mistake this for anything but a special close bond. The dog still has a puppy look to it, so it’s probably not even a yearling. That gives us some idea of when it was adopted by the boy’s family. In the relativity of young people, they have spent a very long time together. If the dog is around for even another seven years, that will seem like a lifetime to both of them.

The phrase “thick as thieves” seems appropriate here, as it is doubtful the boy goes anywhere without his loyal companion, and where one gets into trouble, there shall we find the other ready to lend his moral support, or even his life in times of dire predicament.

The video starts out so humorously, with the boy wanting to take the dog for a walk, but the dog quickly taking control of the boy. The boy points, “We’re going there!” but the dog has something else in mind. It becomes a tug of war the boy can’t win. He just hasn’t mastered the physical strength needed to take control of the energetic pup. Nor is the young lad coordinated enough to maintain his balance, and down he goes!

The dog appraises what has happened. Should he continue tugging, or hit him when he’s down? The dog just can’t resist. He has to grapple with the boy on the ground. The boy kicks, like a deer in the death throes of a wolf attack. Of course, he isn’t screaming, but probably giggling at the faux-kill. In size and relative age the two are well matched. You just know that they will never be parted in this life.