Toddler And A Puppy Have Fun Rolling Around In A Wrestling Match

Published October 25, 2018 5,253 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsIn this sweet video a boy and his dog have a truly beautiful moment. There is something so heartwarming and precious about a child’s laughter ringing through the air. It is a sound that automatically puts people at ease, especially parents. Sometimes the worst possible day that you have ever experienced can be made a thousand times better just by seeing your child playing and being so carefree and laughing. This even relieves possible stress for people who are not parents as well. It is just a lovely noise that will make every adult instinctively smile and relax. See if you will feel just like this when you watch this video. Be sure to have the sound on your device turned up so that you can hear and enjoy this uplifting audio treat!

This young boy’s dog looks like it is probably some type of poodle or spaniel breed or mix breed. It is easy to see that this dog’s absolute best friend in the entire world is his little brother featured in the video with him. Enjoy this precious moment between a boy and his dog while you witness the incredible bond between these two friends.

This video was taken around Halloween. We can see that by what the dog is wearing. Many owners put Halloween costumes on their pets, and this dog’s costume is nothing short of adorable. He seems to be wearing a Jack-O-Lantern costume. It is an orange sweater with a black pumpkin Halloween face on his back. He also seems to be wearing a black mask on his face of some type. It is hard to tell exactly what the mask is or how it connects to a Jack-O-Lantern, but it might be similar to a “Zorro Mask.” It does not look like the little boy is wearing a costume of his own, so maybe the dog is a bit jealous of having to wear a costume when his little buddy does not have to! It is always fun to try to create a dialogue of what your dog could possibly be thinking, and it definitely will make for some good laughs!

Even though this video is pretty short, it is just long enough to let its audience enjoy this cute moment and smile and laugh right along with the little boy. He and his dog are tousling on the floor, and the child is laughing uncontrollably. The dog is over top of the little boy, and it is licking the little boy’s face all over. The dog is enjoying every second he has with his best friend. These two are obviously very close best friends. It is so good for children to have a pet of some kind. It teaches them so many valuable life skills that may otherwise not be learned until much later in their childhood or teenage years. This boy has obviously done well with caring for his dog and helping out with him. They will hopefully have many more years together to make more memories like this one.

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