Grandma Doesn’t Stop Cheering To Show Support For Her Grandchild

Published October 24, 2018 2,249 Plays

Rumble It is always great when family shows up to support their loved ones at sports games, but this grandma really took it to the next level! She can’t just sit by while her granddaughter is out playing. This proud supporter has to get as active as possible, and for her, this means cheering the team on with gusto. Three cheers for the grandma!

When the video begins, the first thing viewers notice is actually not this adorable grandmother. You do not notice her until a few seconds in. The first thing visible is the other parent spectator who is actually recording the video. He is the one on the right side of the screen in a blue sweater. He slyly recorded this video without this sweet Grandma’s knowledge! This is always the best way to get the most unique video and the most spontaneous reactions. We have to be thankful that this forward thinking man had the idea to pull out his phone at exactly the right moment.

He may have planned to do this in advance if he is one of the parents who regularly attends a child’s sporting events alongside this sweet woman. Oftentimes, parents who watch the games see each other almost as often as the teammates in the teams who are actually playing the games! They get to know each other occasionally, so this may not be this man’s first encounter with our sweet and loveable grandmother also in attendance. Either way, we are so glad that they both attended whatever game this is so that the rest of the Internet world could also take a ringside seat in the spectacle.

After the first few seconds, our attention is diverted to the star of the show- the grandmother! She is on the left side of the screen dressed in black. You just cannot miss her. She begins to cheer on her team, and she has absolutely no worry or shame in doing this right alongside all of the other parents beside her in the bleachers of the school gym. She chants her team on to victory, repeating mantras like, “Defense! Defense!” We are not sure if there are even cheerleaders in attendance at this game, but if there are, they seem to be overshadowed by this woman’s chanting.

Admittedly, she is much more entertaining than any cheerleaders who may possibly be present! She seems to be slightly more entertaining than the actual game too! She may be anyone from the spectators, but the most interesting part is her focus. Regardless of how many people are focusing on her, she never pulls her focus away from the action on the court. She is completely enthralled with whatever is happening in front of her.

Since they are inside an enclosed gym, it can only be assumed that she is most likely attending a basketball game. The grandchild that she is there to support should be very proud that he or she has such a loving and dedicated grandmother. She is truly the biggest supporter and the biggest fan of her grandchild's team!