Hygienic Parrot Uses A Towel To Clean Its Beak

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIf you are someone who wants to have an incredible pet at home or you are a lover of exotic animals, you can not miss this video and you will get to know Baby and his hidden talent for cleaning. You can not believe it! You will probably feel a little envious and want to have a pet like this, then you can enjoy this very hygienic Macaw that is able to clean his own beak with a cloth towel. How great is that?

This intelligent bird is the dream of all pet lovers, since having a beautiful and faithful companion at home that is not only part of the family but also can clean itself is something really great. Who would not like to have a bird that can clean its own beak? Surely many would love it.

The skill and intelligence of this beautiful and exotic bird is undoubtedly a talent worthy of admiration and in addition to cleaning the beak itself, this parrot is also able to catch the towel brilliantly. This only proves that Baby the macaw is definitely trained very well which only makes us question ourselves what our hidden talents are?

Surely this precious parrot is the pride of his owners and being so "hygienic" should avoid many minutes of cleaning at home. What is more, not only his skills are amazing but he can also be a huge entertainer for family and friends. He is such a great mascot!

The proud owner of Baby praises the abilities of her wonderful bird and congratulates him every time he catches the towel and cleans his beak, and even when asked if he is ready to make the catch, the bird nods with his head. Amazing! Definitely, the love and support are the key in the training process of this macaw.

So if after seeing this clip you were so surprised with the fascinating skills of Baby and you want to have a pet such as one of these beautiful parrots, cheer up and just do it! Surely, it will be a great experience and you will realize how smart and skilled they can be, and who knows - if you train them well not only they can clean their own beak, but they can also help with cleaning their cage. Would not that be even more cool? Maybe with a bit of luck and hard training that is possible.

Well, if you were fascinated and surprised with this video and you fell in love with the incredible skills of Baby the macaw and you want more people to be enchanted by the hygienic habits of this exotic bird, do not hesitate to share it with your loved ones, so that it can be seen many times and of course give a thumbs up to this fabulous pet.

Also, if you already have a pet macaw at home, please share your experience with us below or tell us something about it. Do not forget to leave your comments below!


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    Now if it could only clean out it's cage daily. :)

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