Homemade Cola Syrup Is A Healthier Replacement For The Regular One

Published October 24, 2018 285 Plays

Rumble / Delicious RecipesSoda tastes so good to many people, but unfortunately it isn’t the healthiest of choices. It has lots of sugar that isn’t good for you even though some do have a great taste. There are many alternatives to soda out now like carbonated water if you need that carbonated feel. In fact, this video will show you how to make your own cola syrup that is much healthier choice. If you are someone who needs some soda in their life, this might be the video for you. It tastes good and isn’t as bad for you like all those popular soda drinks. Get ready to take some notes so you can be making your own syrup in no time!

It all starts with the southern wood, which is a plant, also called cola herb in this video! Apparently this plant tastes like cola, you probably wouldn’t know that because people don’t often taste plants out of nowhere. The realization that this tastes like cola and it is a plant, too it already sounds healthier than the sugar processed drinks you can get at a store. What is good about this cola plant, is that it is easy to make into a syrup. Obviously, it won’t have the same color as a regular cola, but it has a similar taste with a clear look.

The first step is to pull of the leaves of the plant because you will be making the syrup out of them! Take a pot and put some sugar and water in it. After pouring water in, you can begin stirring the two together. Make sure to mix it so you can have the sugar floating around in the water. Next step is to put the pot on a stove so you can start to boil the water. Once you have the water boiling, put it aside since the leaves comes next in the water you have boiled just a few seconds before.

Since you have already taken the leaves off the southern wood plant, you need to put them in the boiled water with sugar. After the bowl has the cola plant in it, you need to a fresh lemon because of the lemon zest, then you should pour some actual lemon juice inside. After pouring in the juice, you can begin mixing all the ingredients. The cola herb and juice must blend well together and make sure to spin the lemon peels around. Once it sits for awhile, you can get all the liquid inside. You can use a strainer to get the liquid and separate all the leaves of the cola herb. The person in the video used a thin cloth to strain the liquid! Once you have the liquid separated, bring this to a boil. Now when it's ready, put it in a glass and cool it so you can have a nice, cold, and tasty beverage. This is a nice and simple way to make your own cola. This is a great video for all those who need a soda replacement!