Shiba Inu Air Swims When It Is Held Above Water

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs and people alike love playing in the water on a warm summer’s day, and it’s always nice to go out on the lake with your boat. For this cute Shiba Inu named Suki cannot wait to get into the water and starts swimming. Even while her owner is holder her, Suki is already trying to swim while is held above the boat. She’s so eager to get into the water that she practices swimming in the air. How cute!

Shiba Inus are great pets and can be good around young children if they are well trained. In addition, they make excellent pets because of their cleanliness. Shiba Inus are so picky about their appearances and hygiene that they are known to lick paws and clean themselves like cats. Historically, Shiba Inusare known for working with people and they are lovers of funny games.Another interesting fact about Shiba Inus is that they have two coats, a lower white coat consisting of heavier, softer fur and a coat with coarser, thicker fur - the two layers were originally for protection from the cold in the mountains.. Shiba Inus come from the mountain regions of Japan. Their name when translated into English means a small dog because of their size, height and where they were hunted. They are small dogs, but very muscular because of their compact bodies. Suki probably keeps in shape through lots of exercising and swimming!

Shiba Inus are very smart, fast learners and independent dogs, which can be seen from the video as Suki is eager to get into the water! An interesting characteristic of Shiba Inu is that the dog becomes too agitated of huge crowds or when somebody is screaming loudly. The Japanese breed usually describes Shiba Inus as “energetic insolence, kindness, and genuine integrity, which together bring dignity and natural beauty. Shiba is an independent and can be reserved for outsiders, but loyal and affectionate for those who deserve his respect”. While Shiba Inus are usually not very sociable dogs, this one seems so happy to have fun on the boat with her family.

This funny, short video shows Suki, the Shiba Inu, eager to get into the water and starts swimming. While her owner is holding her over the boat she’s already trying to swim in the air. How adorable! Shiba Inus are excellent family dogs and love outdoor activities which is what probably makes this boating activity so much fun! While Shiba Inus aren’t very sociable and love their independence, it seems like Suki is having a good time enjoying her boating trip with her family. Hopefully, she can use her practiced air swimming skills in the water soon!

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  • sukiyakishiba, 51 weeks ago

    We love Rumble! Thanks to everyone who checks out our video. - Suki @sukiyakishiba

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  • Spitfire, 40 weeks ago

    Put me back in the water hooman!

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  • mertsv, 37 weeks ago

    Institutively, he continues to swim, as he sees water around!

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