Compilation Of Babies That Show Their Funny Side

Published October 23, 2018 1,523 Plays

Rumble Get ready to melt! These babies are some of the cutest, funniest, and sweetest little ones out there on the World Wide Web! They don’t know much about the world yet, but they do know what is a time spent good – even when they’re startled, they are just too cute!

The first clip is of an adorable little girl whose face lights up when she hears the music, and she starts to dance. Her dancing is just wiggling back and forth, and it is hilarious! Her facial expressions are to die for. In the next clip, we see a dad playing with his baby daughter as she bounces on top of him. When mom in the background says, “Finish him!” the little girl follows the instruction well and slams her dad!

The next funny baby steals the hearts of the audience during her christening at a church when she shakes her head “saying no” to the priest. Her adorable parents cannot help but giggle right along with the audience at this little girl’s precious personality. It seems that these parents may hold a future actress in their hands!

Our favorite is the clip right after the church video. This little baby is seemingly learning to sit up and stand, and mom is behind to steady the baby. We see mom’s careful hands trying to ensure that baby does not fall backwards, but it looks like she was not quite ready for what is actually about to happen. The sweet baby launches forward and faces the soft cubes on the floor.

In the next few clips, viewers will see even more hilarious babies. One gets immensely excited when mom shakes the rattle toy, and he mimics the movement of the toy with his body while his mouth is wide open in shock and excitement over the toy. The next toddler makes everyone gasp! This sweet boy has apparently found mom’s makeup and uses her lipstick as a crayon. He then takes the liberty of using his own skin as a canvas for his lipstick masterpiece. If that was not bad enough, the camera then pans to the right, and what comes next is even more shocking. The viewers then see his baby brother who has obviously received a full “paint treatment by his big brother. Bless his poor little heart.

Next is a baby that watches and imitates identically the older sister. They are too cute. The older sister wriggles all over the floor, and the baby follows suit perfectly. Next videos are of a dancing baby, a magician baby, a tired baby, and a baby that is completely disinterested in the food his parents have chosen for him to eat. These little tykes are hilarious. One baby has discovered a new way of scooting across the floor. Another enjoys a dance in the bathtub. One child is apparently scared of the vacuum cleaner, and another shows his parents how messy he can be while eating a delicious looking fudge bar.

If you need a laugh, this video is right for you. There is absolutely no way to possibly watch this video without laughing hysterically.