Drone Footage Captures An Untouched Beach In Greece

haanity Published October 23, 2018 878 Plays

Rumble / World TravelEither science is finally able to capture a flying dream, or we are looking at the beach of Trimi on the border of Mount Athos, Greece. One can be forgiven for believing you are hallucinating. The water is the bluest, most crystal clear water imaginable. The rocks jut from the water’s edge like statues, while the surrounding hills and trees are artfully landscaped by the gods, themselves.

The shape of the cove, a Greek Ω or omega gives visitors a sense of shelter, concealing them from the real world for a time. War, famine, strife, political upheaval? All a distant dream to visitors of the beach, which offers no easy access. Only the intrepid can swim to it from a neighboring beach. Otherwise, it can be reached by a footpath over the hill, and by boat, of course.

Spectacular drone footage reveals a stunning coral reef, giving the completely transparent Mediterranean water a mottled hue, from bright aquamarine to London Blue topaz, to shadow. What kinds of sea life might we find below? Those lucky few who arrive by boat could certainly tell us, since they only need fins, a mask, and a snorkel to launch themselves over the hull. Otherwise, they can beach their craft on the sandy shore, or moor to a rocky prominence and have a small slice of the beach all to themselves for a while. They can even hide themselves from other beach goers if they secure a cozy little spot between the magnificent columns.

Astronomers long ago named a large swatch of darkness on the moon the “Sea of Tranquility”, but looking at the lazy, carefree beach people from this vantage point, the name might just as well apply to the waters of the north Aegean Sea. So many islands to choose from. The water seems to coordinate with the blue sky. Way off to the south east is Limnos. To the northeast is Thassos. The role of Greece in the development of western civilization is seminal, and yet you can hardly tell anything arising from the human mind or hand ever happened here. It’s almost as if we are looking at a forgotten land.

What secrets will be disclosed in soft tones, the beach will never tell. The beach of Trimi was made for the vacation club posters lining cubicle walls all over America. It’s hard to conceptualize a more classical getaway scene than what we see here. How lucky one must be to pilot a drone here. You not only have the perfect equipment for this exciting enterprise, but the weather is on your side, as well.

There will be many a wistful sigh when it comes time to depart our magical beach.

“C’mon guys, you know we have to go sometime. We have pictures, and we’re out of Ouzo.”

The boat kicks backward, away from the sandy shoreline. There’s nothing but blue below and above. You think you can catch a glimpse of Apollo, the sun god Apollo Helios, and the sea god Poseidon, so you wave goodbye to them for now. You’ll be back some day.