Widebody Lamborghini Aventador Is Shooting Flames

xplicitproductionzPublished: October 23, 2018Updated: October 24, 2018
Published: October 23, 2018Updated: October 24, 2018

“This feature video of Toronto's very own Lamborghini Aventador featuring a wide body kit that sits perfect on this beast. Check the curves and flames throughout the video! Had a pleasure meeting the owner through a rally held by Ace Spade Rally. Spent 6 days touring around the United States which was an incredible experience to say the least. I hit my buddy Rushil up to potentially shoot his car and do a collage and he was all for it. I created both picture content and video content of his car showcasing the amazing curves and edges of this Lamborghini. Something you don’t see every day that’s for sure. Continues to be a show stopper. You don’t want to miss out click play” - says the man who filmed this video.

This gorgeous car, unfortunately, cannot be owned by everyone. The name alone screams high price for high profiled people. When a person walks into the dealership or showroom to purchase a car like this, music needs to be playing as you picture yourself riding down the road. Every detail has been carefully considered for this car. The low profile style tires and even the wheels are designed to look like spiders. This particular car is a wide body so the defined lines and curves that the body entails are like visiting a museum. Only pieces of art are given this much attention. This machine even has rivets in the side panels to complete the look of stealth strength.

Let’s not forget the fantastic lambo doors that come on this car. Lambo doors are so cool that companies have created kits so that they can be placed on other cars. The doors are iconic of this make of car. The Lamborghini is also one of the most photographed cars of all time. People are simply amazed with every tiny detail for this car. The inside of a Lamborghini is just as stellar as the outside. Typically, the inside comes with a manual transmission, sound system, and luxurious leather seats. The seats sit low which are accompanied with extended mirrors to compensate for the angle that is needed to not have any blind spots.

The massive spoiler on this car gives the car balance when traveling down the road. Spoilers are known to help cars by causing the wind to move across the body of the vehicle and reduce lag in the ride. There are flames that come out of the back of this car! A sign even claims that people should be careful when standing behind the car. The mechatronic enhanced engine is supposed to be superior because of the dynamics of heating and cooling this engine when pushed to its limits.

Many would suspect that Lamborghini do not have limits and one believes that the Lamborghini Company would agree with adding such a piece of engineering to the car. The sound of the engine can make your heart race at the idea of sitting in something with so much power. The roar of the engine and the fire exhaust can certainly make a car enthusiast buy one.

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