Westie Plays Hide-And-Seek With Pair Of Goats

Published October 23, 2018 2,064 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSeeing animals play together is so cute and heartwarming. It is like seeing young kids play together with their friends. They are so innocent and cute and you can look at videos like that all day. It is even cuter when you see different types of animals getting along and playing around.

You always see cartoons or videos of the dog chasing the cat, but it is really cute to finally see a cat and dog playing. It is also very cute to see 2 animals that you thought wouldn’t even be around each other at all. How often do you see a dog playing with a few goats? Probably not often, they are hardly ever in the same space to even commingle together. So it is very interesting to see how they act since you have no real expectations on how they would react to each other. This video is a great little clip to see how they play with each other, and also it is nice to see these two very different animals have some fun!

The stars of this video is the 14 year old westie, Romy, and the two 7 year old goats, Saline and Tequila. We are not quite sure how long these animals have been with each other, but it definitely doesn’t look like this is their first time playing together! This group of friends lives in the south side of France are having some fun running around. The dog seems to be the one that the goats are after. He would peer around the stone island and the goat would come looking for him. Maybe they are engaging in a nice game of hide and seek, or some tag! The dog disappears once more behind the island and the goat scans the area looking for its friend. Romy probably realizes the goat is having trouble finding him so he pokes his head out once more so he can be seen! He does it one more time for good measure, then the goat starts to pursue him!

As the goat wraps around the stone island, the dogs take off toward a tree as is waiting to be further pursued! The other goat is seemingly getting interested in this game and is inching toward the other side of the island! The dog is going back and forth to look at the two goats and make sure of their position, just in case he has to run again. Now each goat is coming closer and closer to it and runs back and forth trying to avoid the goats that are coming closer and closer. Finally, the goats pass the stone island and are walking towards the dog. As they get closer and closer, Romy finally takes off in full sprint away and thus leading the goat to chase it! Seems like the goat had enough rest with the walking and is ready to do some running! The goat seems to be no match for the dog’s speed, but soon the dog is tired and rests at a fence. The goat joins him and they rest together, seems the dog has been caught!