Family Cat Is Super Jealous Of The New Kitten Addition

Published October 23, 2018 13,208 Views $15.80 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensWho doesn’t love good pets! They can be some of the best companions and offer the best entertainment for the whole family! Pets are always there for you and can be very loving and protective. Some of the best videos online come from pets and the funny and cute things they do. When it comes to emotions, they often act like little kids whether it’s excitement, fear, or joy. Dogs might be the most popular pets, but for someone who isn’t into the energetic nature of dogs, a cat is the perfect pet.

Cats are not nearly as energetic as dogs and they are more of a stick-to-themselves kind of pets. Cats don’t need to be walked and don’t play fetch like dogs, so they are perfect for people that might not want that burden. Just because they are pretty different from dogs, doesn’t mean they don’t show emotions like dogs. If you search the Internet you can find many dog videos and how they show their emotions in various situations. Whether guilty for making a mess, getting excited to see their owner, or being sick worried when their owner is in trouble. Cats often get labeled as moody pets that doesn’t really care, but this video is here to prove us wrong. Watch as this cat gets a little jealous over a new kitty that is entering the family!

The cat in this video is having a hard time accepting the new addition to the family. Doesn’t this remind you of a situation that can occur with kids? An older sibling that behaves weird around his or her younger brother or sister. The cat is possibly feeling pretty jealous because it won’t be the only one receiving all the attention in the house! The video begins as the owner is holding her new cat in her arms while she is rubbing its face! The older cat is sitting right next to its owner just watching the situation unfold. The cat is probably wondering who on earth this cat is and why it is receiving all the scratches and rubs from the owner! As the owner caresses the baby cat, the other one puts its paws instantly on its owner’s arm, as if it to remind her that it still exists!

The cat rubs its face against the owner to get some kisses. The owner can definitely tell the cat is jealous of its new brother or sister! The cat continues to paw the owner and lean in for more kisses. This cat seems desperate to do anything that will keep the owner from paying attention to the new cat! This is definitely a very jealous kitty, but it makes for a very cute video. This video shows that cats too can be caring and real attention seekers! You can tell that this cat is definitely used to receiving a lot of attention and love from its owners. Hopefully, this cat and its new sibling will get along in the future and be able to share all the love from the family!