Two Bucks Lock Horns In A Fierce Combat

Published October 22, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble / Dash Cam FootageWatch as two white tail bucks lock antlers in a mortal combat! Police dash cam catches the real life drama in a Cincinnati suburb, but the police are helpless to intervene. Neighbors, stay in your homes. These deer must be considered armed and dangerous!

Rut for white tail deer usually takes place in the fall, after their antlers have shed the velvet. They are battling over mating ground rights. The stakes are serious. The winner of this dramatic confrontation will take it all. The greater the aim on this breeding ground, the greater the stakes. The loser will have to skulk off to another feeding ground, and will most likely not breed this season.

Deer in the city are not uncommon in the northeast, where human populations have encroached miserably on wildlife habitats. Deer, skunks, foxes, opossums, even the occasional bobcat and bear are becoming common sights in the suburbs, and sometimes even downtown. Some of these critters even become good at surviving in peopled areas. Others, like bears, are usually removed for obvious reasons.

The officers must have been mightily surprised to have front row seats to the fight of the century in their own front yard. Was it coincidence that brought these deer into dash cam view, or were they leveraging the headlights? From this video, we don’t know which buck came out on top. They look well matched. Both appear to be about the same size, and have the same sized antlers.

One pushes the other back onto the grass. Their heads lower, almost touching the ground. The other twists his head, catching his adversary by the tip of his antler. The points are sharp. Potentially, they could kill each other. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. At first they were acting aggressively, but now we can see them on the ground on the slippery grass digging with their hooves. The fight goes on and on, with no end in sight. These bucks have only one thing on their mind, and they cannot be distracted.

Where are the prizes while all this action is happening? Maybe they are watching nervously from the sidelines, somewhere outside the purview of the camera. Is there a wooded area nearby where the deer can take cover from the Smiths and the Joneses of suburban America? We’ll see just how successful the winner was when its pregnant lady gives birth in spring or summer. The fight isn’t the only thing deer have to survive. They also have to make it through brutal northern winters of freezing temperatures, deep snow, and struggling to find scarce food. Deer are survivors. They know their game.

It’s a rough life, and the season of pain is just beginning. White tail deer have evolved with many defenses, not the least of which is their lethal antlers. They also come equipped with a thick fur. When they do survive the other side of winter, their gentler side will come out. Tender new buds and flowers, gentle warm breezes from the south, and surrounded by greenery. Papa deer, if he does make it past the hunting season of man and the killing winter, it will have much to be happy about.