Skeleton Dog Shows Off An Awesome Halloween Costume

Published October 22, 2018 6,719 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you ever wondered what would be the result if you decided to give a costume to your four legged companion? In the video of today we have the answer for you! This big black dog is definitely a little bit scary! This skeleton dog is shown sniffing around outside, while he is showing us his splendid and awesome Halloween costume. The owners of this dog decided it would be a good idea to paint the bones on their dog, hopefully they used a type of paint which is safe for the dog!

We would not want this little bony guy to get sick or even itchy from the paint. On the other hand, if the right type of paint was used, it is the perfect costume for this dog as it won’t be bothering him once it is dried. We have seen videos or even real life scenarios where owners dress up their dogs. It is not a bad thing but always remember that dogs are not supposed to be wearing clothes, and as a result, they always want take them off. Please find the right costume for you and your dog, that would make both of you happy, and not uncomfortable.

At the time of the recording the dog and his owner seem to be in a garden, because we can briefly see grass and a playground in the background. After that the dog is seen posing on a concrete floor and we can notice two garage doors behind the animal. The weather must have been a bit rainy as the scene is not so bright and has more of a gray rainy filter on it.

The result isn’t bad at all, they did not paint all the bones on the dog as it would have been too much work and it might not even look that good.They painted four ribs on each side of that dog and we are sure that it would have been really hard to paint them all. From what we can see, it looks like the dog has around twelve bones. Instead, they approximately got the bones right by doing his head, his ribs, his legs and paws. His back spine is really nice because as we can see and feel the bones of that dog in general, having the white paint on it makes them stick out even more!

This dog really knows its bones, he really looks cute, walking around probably because he was on a walk with his owner, that decided to grab the scene so we can enjoy his Halloween costume! ! The dog is looking a little bit active, waving his tail around, inspecting his surroundings with his developed sense of smell. You can catch him having a look at the camera, which means that he was looking at his owner during the recording of the clip, probably wanting to play or do zoomies. The dog seems to be an adult but he still looks energetic and playful, and that's why we love dogs! What an amazing Halloween costume!