Talking Parrot Adorably Makes Kissing Noises

Published October 21, 2018 11,747 Views $1.12 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsJade the Alexandrine parrot is giving her foot some long overdue attention. And along the way her Indian ringneck parakeet companion treats her to some reassuring pecks on the cheek. When asked about it, Jade answers with squeaks, squeals, and kissing sounds all her own.

Jade is an endearing little gal. She loves her mistress and her smaller parakeet friend. Though they look so different, the Alexandrine parakeet (or parrot) and the Indian ringneck come from similar parts of the world. The Alexandrine is becoming fewer in nature, but because of their social nature and great personality, the Alexandrine is popular throughout the world.

It's scenes like this that make us want a parrot of our own. Colorful, fragile, intelligent and emotional, all wrapped up in a feathery package.To most of us in the northern hemisphere any parrot is seen as an exotic accessory. Those of us who aren't lucky enough to own a parrot look forward to our next visit without friends or relatives who do.

We don't know why Jade happens to be fixated on her foot. Is it sore? Maybe she just wants to give it a good cleaning or a scratch with her sharp beak. Parrots certainly do a lot of standing, so the foot is an important and well used feature.

Besides the kissing sounds, what else is Jade trying to tell us? Even if we don't understand every word, we get the intent well enough. This is an exchange of endearment, an intimate klatch of a woman and her two loves. Not all parrot vocalizations are equal. Jade's are particularly high pitched, even effeminate. She is so bright that she understands her mistress, even replying when spoken to.

Does Jade understand everything said to her, and in return understand her own words? It's hard to tell the depth of her understanding, but parrots are thought to at least understand the emotion behind the conversation. For instance, Jade probably at least knows this exchange has something to do with her, personally, and perhaps even knows the woman is asking about her own foot.

Even more, words and gestures repeated often enough, like kisses and kissing sounds become rewarding enough. We wouldn't be wrong to assume Jade and her partner understand affection very much as people do. Such glimpses into the mind of the animal kingdom, through empathy of behaviors that correspond to our own, strengthen our sense of the oneness of nature.

We delight when our animal friends respond so lovingly to our attempts to make them a part of our lives. Animals aren't just an accessory; they are a necessity. Will Jade return to the Internet with a new repertoire? We are sure she will. Parrots are natural hams, living it up in front of the camera. How can we resistance such charm and beauty? It's not possible. Every fiber of our being wants to reach out through the screen and touch, or even kiss Jade the parrot. As for her smaller friend off to the side, hey! Come out and play with us some more!