Adorable baby bunny sleeps in woman's arms

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAldor Acres farm in Aldergrove, British Columbia has a very special event during the fall season. Along with opening their property up to the public to visit their pumpkin patch and choose that special pre Jack o lantern pumpkin for Halloween they do much more. This is an amazing gem found in the farmlands of the area. Fall decorations cover the complete public areas. From a market store visitors can purchase preserves, honey and other goods. They also have some very fun mini pumpkins, gourds, mini hay bales along with corn stalks and sunflowers to complete your fall home decorations. If you like farm animals then this is also the place to come.

Cows, big cows not just those little guys, they have a massive male that just hangs around and gets petted by everyone. Goats.... they have babies and mama and papa goats. The little goats are the cutest but very sneaky so watch your shoe laces and bag of feed. Head into the barn and get ready for some "awwws" as this is where you will find these tiny little 10 day old bunnies seen in the video. So tiny they look like mice, but cuter of course. Want to pet and feed a Llama, well you can do that too. Like the goats the Llama are sneaky too, feed him and sneak in a scratch on his head . Piglets by the dozen are here as well. Donkeys love to be scratched as well, big floppy ears will create some chuckles for sure. And if you have come for that big ol' pumpkin or the wee little one then get ready to hit the 15 acre field and make a decision.

No you don't have to walk, the tractor drawn super fun hay wagon ride will drop you right in the perfect spot to make your selection. Year after year many return and make this a very special time of year with family and friends. Who doesn't love a farm and all it's fun and loving animals just waiting for you to come visit. If you get out to Aldor Acres in Aldergrove, British Columbia, just a short hour drive from the centre of Vancouver, enjoy. You will want to make it an annual ritual as Brent and his family do.