Dog Gets Frustrated At A Puppy Struggling To Learn A New Trick

Published October 21, 2018 9,308 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIf you are one of those dog lovers out there, you definitely know what an Australian Shepherd looks like. It is one of those medium sized dog breeds that a lot of people really love. Even though this is a great dog to raise, it will still not be perfect for all, especially for those individuals who prefer raising smaller sized canines. Even so, there is no need to worry because you can always have the smaller version of the Australian Shepherd, which is the extremely cute and adorable Mini Aussie Shepherd, or formally known as Miniature Australian Shepherd.

Have you already witnessed a Mini Aussie in person in your whole life so far? If you have not yet, then we absolutely recommend watching this video. In this particular video, you can see the adult Mini Aussie that is watching a cute puppy who just started learning some tricks from its master. You will notice the frustration felt by the Mini Aussie because the puppy seems to have a hard time learning the tricks. If this is the case, the adult Mini Aussie will not get his own share of treats. What this dog does is definitely the cutest thing that you can ever see in a certain scenario like this, as far as dog world is concerned. The adult Mini Aussie helps the puppy to learn the tricks much more easily. This is definitely an adorable scene that you want to see, especially if you are a dog lover.

In case you are not that well-acquainted with the Mini Australian Shepherd, there is no need for you to worry because we will try to unveil some important facts about this particular breed of dogs. When it comes to weight, this dog only has around 20 up to 40 pounds, which is way lighter compared to the medium sized Australian Shepherd. If you are fond of carrying your own pet dog with you, then the Mini Aussie might be your perfect choice. Moreover, when it comes to height, the Mini Aussie will only have 13 up to 18 inches. Can you imagine how cute that height is for a pet dog?

One great characteristic of the Mini Aussie is that this dog is very calm. Meaning to say, you will not have many problems when it comes to its behavior. Just make sure to spend enough amount of time in training your own Mini Aussie. Do not worry, this unique and adorable dog breed is highly trainable. It is also known for its great intelligence, so having a hard time teaching it will be out of the picture. And just like any other dog breeds out there, it is also extremely loyal and protective towards its master and family. Thus, you can definitely say that a Mini Australian Shepherd is a great pet companion that you can have.

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