Lazy Cougar Wakes Up In Extremely Precious Fashion

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe video depicts a cougar- oh yes, a real live cougar. Before viewers even know what the video is about or what actually happens in it, they are automatically puzzled by the fact that there is a cougar in this video inside someone’s house! Moving on, the video depicts a cougar that is lying on his bedding, which looks like a quilt of some kind. Obviously, he is unbelievably comfortable. He is taking his daily nap, but that nap is coming to an end. As he begins to wake up, we all give that instinctive “aweeee” sound as we see him adorably waking up and stretching. Perhaps most people would not be seeing this baby as so cute and cuddly if they were physically in the room with this exotic cat, but from the other side of the computer screen, we are all perfectly safe.

The cougar stretches and rolls his head around, giving the camera person a giant yawn, and momentarily reminding us all of the damage this beautiful cat is actually capable of by showing us his enormous jaws and teeth. However, when you get past looking at those scary canines, this cougar looks just like any other cat when waking up from a nap. Shockingly, this exotic cat looks perfectly calm and safe in these people’s house. Obviously, the cat’s owners are not at all fearful of him. If they were, they would probably not be quite so close while filming him waking from a nap. Animals can be unpredictable by nature, but this risk multiplies greatly when dealing with an exotic animal such as this one.

Cougars are actually indigenous to North America. Many Americans are actually not aware that there is such a large cat that roams wildly over their lands. They are mostly found in northern regions of America and into the lands of Canada. They are majestic, beautiful animals, but they can be very dangerous and aggressive if provoked. The cat featured in this video has a darker coat than the typical color mainly seen in wild cougars, as theirs tend to be more of a lighter shade of brownish gray.

The cutest part of the video is at the thirty second mark toward the end. The beautiful creature reaches one of his back feet up toward his head. The sheer size of this animal’s feet is a bit shocking as well, as most people have never seen a cat with feet this large. When the cat’s foot gets in view, he does something that is just absolutely adorable. He grabs his back foot with one of his front paws, and he pulls the foot toward his head. When his foot reaches his head, he sweetly nuzzles his nose against it. There is no doubt that the owners of this beautiful animal have taken great care of their exotic pet and made him completely comfortable and happy.

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