Domesticated Cougar Gently Tries To Wake Up Owner

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsYou should see how adorable this domesticated puma looks when it tries to wake its owner, it is like the puma knows it is time to wake up and for that reason he tries to make his owner get out of bed.

It is quite common for pets to try to wake their owners, but not every day you can see a cougar so adorable and intelligent, it is likely that this cougar feels a lot of love for its owner and tries to wake him up because it is time to get up and go to work. This cougar is great!

A cougar named Messi loves his owner so much that he does everything possible to wake him up gently, maybe it's time to go to work and Messi does not want his owner to be late for work. At first, Messi tries to wake up his owner by making gentle movements in the arms of his owner and trying to give him a hug. Apparently, the result is positive, as the owner tries to wake up, but Messi's effort was not enough, so Messi starts thinking about a new plan that gives a better result. Cuteness overload!

Messi is a cougar who does not give up, so after seeing that his first attempt to awaken his owner was a failure, Messi managed to come up with a new plan. Messi's next attempt to wake up his owner was to lie down very close to the top of his owner and try to surround him and collide with his head with that of his owner with the intention of hugging him, but it was not enough either. Later, Messi begins to lick at the head of his owner as the last attempt to wake him up, but it seems that the owner of Messi does not want to wake up today. However, Messi does not give up and goes to the owner's legs to devise a new plan. It's time to wake up!

Many people today break the routine of having only dogs as pets, the fact is that it is increasingly common to find that people have a variety of different animals as pets in their homes. Having a cougar as a pet is something that is seen more frequently every day, and in this video we can clearly see that pumas are animals that can be domesticated and feel love towards their owners.

The cougars are incredible animals that are characterized mainly by being one of the largest and strongest cats that exist, and can also have a very good physical appearance that allows them to be elegant and stand out from the crowd. It is proven that pumas can eat a wide variety of foods, pumas can be insectivores, herbivores or carnivores, which makes it very easy to feed and domesticate them.

We have to break customs and routines to experience new things, we must always bear in mind that friendships can come from any place and species, which means that any animal, no matter how big or small, can become a faithful pet. In the video we can see how a cougar named Messi was able to become a faithful pet and capable of feeling love towards its owners. Any animal can be tamed!


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