Squirrel Steals A GoPro And Breaks Into A Run

Published October 18, 2018 283 Views $6.80 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis dad put some granola on a GoPro and a squirrel nabbed it and took it for an amazing parkour run! Must see footage!

Do you ever wonder where a squirrel goes in a day-to-day span? Squirrels are some of the cutest and fastest creatures on planet as far as the animals you'll see living around your home. Squirrels will grab anything and I suppose that is how this owner captured such a cute video of a neighborhood squirrel stealing his GoPro camera.

This has to be the cutest video that has ever been posted. The daily life of a squirrel is something that some people tend to dream about or at least wonder how far they go and what they do when they get there.

This squirrel is fascinated by electronic devices or things that may take his picture. He grabs the camera as though he is taking it back to his home to give it to his fellow squirrels. Little does he know it captured the entire travel back to his home. What is even more hilarious is the fact that the squirrel did not leave behind the granola that the man attached it to the camera rather chewed it along his hike with the GoPro camera.

People have always been fascinated with how fast squirrels eat and one would be concerned what would happen if they were to bite a human. Scores are not known for being vicious, however they are known for hunting and gathering. In this case, while the squirrel was on his hunt he found a GoPro camera that was probably worth hundreds of dollars. Do you think that he cared? Of course not.

At one point in time it looks as though the squirrel is carrying the GoPro on his head just like many adults do when capturing amazing footages. It is unfortunate that the owner almost lost his GoPro because squirrels are some of the fastest animals. The owner had to be thinking that he may never get his GoPro camera back. At one point you can see the owner trailing slowly behind the squirrel.

At some point while watching this squirrel's adventure, you have to be wondering where he's going to take this camera as well as where is he going to drop it. For all the GoPro lovers out there, we bet you want him to drop it but for us adventurous people we want to see how far he can go.

The twists however is at the end of the video when the dad answers the little girl's question about what is on the camera. He explains to her that that it is the peanut butter they are using to make the squirrel want to take the camera. The video does not explain or describe how the squirrel released the camera but it sounds as though the squirrel got extremely tired because he is out of breath. Surely this dad did not run a squirrel down because of the expensive camera, however if we were in his shoes we are sure that we would be tracking that squirrel as well.