HB Illumination Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Published October 18, 2018

Rumble I own a number of waterproof Bluetooth speakers, and they are all fairly similar in feature set. The Hydro-Beat Illumination has a similar feature set: volume up/down, quick Bluetooth pairing, ability to use as smartphone, waterproof, shockproof, rechargeable, etc. Where the HB Illumination stands out is the addition of an LED ring - it's subtle, but it makes it different. However, my favorite addition is probably that of the built-in FM radio - that's something I don't see often and so it's worth mentioning. Battery life and sound quality have been great so far. I don't like the multi-feature buttons for volume/track skip and I literally cannot remember from Bluetooth device to Bluetooth device which have long press/short press and which do what. I usually end up redialing when I mean to pause a song or skipping a track when I mean to adjust the volume. That's not a huge negative on the HB Illumination in particular, as I have the same issue with all by Bluetooth devices. I'm all for being more descriptive on the button icons.

Get your own! http://a.co/d/hmCbx2M