Funny Compilation Of Very Cool Pugs

AFV Published October 18, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble You know about cool cats – well, get ready for cool pugs! Those little bodies sure do hold a lot of attitude! These pups know how to step on the scene in style. You can catch them at the pool, at the beach, in a car, or even on a Roomba! Hope you’re ready to pug out!

Pugs are some of the most energetic dogs around. They will follow windshield wipers and ride automatic vacuum cleaners through the house. An owner would definitely be caught saying that this first pug is riding dirty through the house. The owner says stay to which the pug completely continues ignoring her. This pug is without a care in the world. Pugs love to be in the front seat with their owners. They will even wait for them to come back and honk the horn. Making everyone around them watch in amusement. As if to say with every honk: “look at me, look at me.”

Pugs are also vocal with they get aggravated. They also clearly like water as this pug tries to get on the float. One would wonder if he was about to lay out for a tan on his relaxing day. Some dogs do not like water, especially with the size of this pug; however, this bad boy is up for anything exciting.

Pugs weigh a lot considering they are mostly muscles and running usually ends in a big crash into you or the furniture. This pug is sporting is Batman costume while he runs through the house. Pugs need a lot of exercise and attention as most dogs do. Pugs are some of the cutest puppies. They are similar to Labrador Retrievers in that they move their front legs as if they are swimming when in water.

Here you will find a fancy trick throwing puppy that balances on his front legs and walks through the grass. This certainly is not typical of pug behavior if you are looking to get one of these dogs. It is hilarious that this dog urinates as he does his trick for mom.

Oh, another pug in the pool. Isn’t he cute? As if he is posing for the camera and giving these loving eyes to the ladies watching. He even struts through the water with his paw above water. This pug is impressive.

Pugs typically have great eyesight and watch everything. If the smallest item moves they are like Sherlock Holmes trying to find it. If larger items move they believe they can chase them down. They are the cutest birthday dogs with a hat and neck wrap on. Oh, the things owners will do to their pugs such as dressing them up. Pugs also like to make noise and sometimes not for attention but while playing as this pug messes up the bed while barking or running back and forth through the hole in the door.

Pugs have a lot of energy and are so playful. They are not scared of water or snow and make great walking dogs year round. They love attention and giving it. Consider adopting a pug.