Dog With Sunglasses Chills Out In The Park

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Published: October 18, 2018Updated: October 19, 2018

This adorable dog has found the perfect way to relax and shut the rest of the world down. He is truly enjoying life. Many of us can definitely learn something from this sweet pup. Apparently, the dog’s parents have taken him to the local dog park for a regular visit with the other neighborhood canines. Surely, he usually does the typical running and romping around with his little puppy buddies.

However, on this day he is just not feeling like doing all of that. He obviously just wants to be left alone to relax. It really is adorable how “cool” this dog really is. There might be no benches around the park on which to sit, however he has found his own creative solution for this problem. He is not going to lie out on the ground of course. He has chosen to commandeer one of the playground equipment pieces for his afternoon lounging.

In the video, you will see him lying inside this long greenish- blue tube. This is a tube that is often used for agility training for dogs, but it can also just be used for fun. The tubes like this one are used in several different ways, but the main purpose is to train your dog to run through the tube on command, jumping in and jumping back out of the other side. Some trainers use treats and edible rewards to train their dogs- at least at the beginning of the process. After a while, many trainers then move the dog to either only verbal praise as a reward and/ or other devices like “clickers” that also provide an auditory “reward” process. The dog learns that the clicking noise coming from the handheld object is the reward itself, and they will respond to that sound accordingly. You should always have some sort of reward when training your pet, so better find what works best for your dog to motivate them properly.

This dog, though, is obviously not at all concerned with learning or practicing any type of agility training. He is only concerned with his afternoon nap. He is so relaxed that his parents have been able to go as far as giving him a pair of sunglasses to make him feel even more relaxed. It is not all that often that we can see a dog wearing sunglasses! This is truly a rare sight, and it is quite entertaining. It would have been even funnier to see some of the reactions of the other dog owners who were around the day this video was filmed. Luckily for this dog, it does not look like anyone or any other dogs were around too closely to bother him or disturb him from his leisurely lounging time at the park on this day.

Pets bring so much joy and love to people’s lives, and this beautiful Golden Retriever is nothing short of being absolutely precious! Surely these proud pup parents feel so lucky to have this beautiful baby in their family!

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