Super Guilty Husky Tries To Hide From Its Owner's Reprimand

Published October 18, 2018 6,752 Views $2.17 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIf anyone knows about mischief, they are our pets. Sometimes just for fun, or as a solution to their boredom, they can make such a mess that they would annoy any owner. This husky feels super guilty about what she has done, and for this reason she hides. Bailey knows that her owner is really upset, because she has damaged her couch. Bailey's face is very funny, because she has a guilty face that she doesn't want anyone to see. She hides behind a decorative statue that is in the living room, in the same place where she committed her mischief. Hilarious!

The video begins when the owner records the moment when she discovers what Bailey has done with the living room sofa. She has broken it, and has removed part of the stuffing from the cushions of her owner's beloved sofa. After seeing such a scene, the owner notices that Bailey is hidden a few steps from the sofa. The husky thinks she has hidden well but she actually has a poor hideout place and her owner can see her well. Her owner says "Bailey I see you", as she tries to hide more and ducks herface, "Bailey I can see where you are" her owner lets him know. We can see the funny way in which the dog tries to avoid staring at her owner, and continues to hide as much as she can.

The first funny shot shows that Bailey only bothered to cover her face with the head of the swan statue. The black swan only highlights her fur, which is as white as snow. She refused to leave her hiding place, at least until her owner’s anger fades away. Her owner lets the dog know that what she did is wrong, hoping that little Bailey won't do it again. We hope she doesn't actually do it again, at least not as long as Bailey is so bad at finding hiding places.

Pets are like children, and children are unruly and restless. Animals have claws and fangs, it is inevitable that they use them when playing. If children had these characteristics, they would surely make worse disasters than pets like the grieving Bailey, who out of curiosity wanted to know why the sofa in the living room was so spongy and comfortable. Such was the thrill of discovering what the sofa was made of, that Bailey did not realize the reaction her owner might have afterwards.

Sooner or later, we always forgive our pets, because we can not be upset for a long time with that special being that we know and despite their mischievous, they love us unconditionally. What makes us forgive them is the mutual love between the owner and their pet. Although it is not bad to set rules and guide your dog in its actions, let's never forget that it is not beneficial to be so hard on them, because everything they do is free of evil and unconscious, since their way of thinking is very different from that of humans, they are very much guided by their instincts and the nature of their species.

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