WIngsuit Daredevil Films Himself As He Flies Down A Cliff

Published October 18, 2018 439 Plays $0.75 earned

Rumble / Extreme SportsWatching daring and extreme sports is always so thrilling. It’s often not something most people would do, so it is nice to live through these people who love those types of things. There are always those adrenaline junkies who love skydiving, parachuting, bungee jumping, etc. Wingsuiting and skydiving seem so scary since everybody always thinks about the bad things that can happen. Maybe you don’t pull your shoot in time, or worse: what if the parachute doesn’t work at all?! The people that try these stunts don’t even let these thoughts cross their mind and they just jump and go for it.

Here in this video you have a man who jumps in Switzerland and wingsuits down to the ground. This is an amazing video since it is shot selfie. Most jump videos are usually with the camera facing the ground or away from the person, mainly with the camera on the helmet. This is faced towards the jumper so you can see his face as well as the scenery of his jump in the background! It is definitely an insane jump and it is great to see the man’s reaction as well as his descent!

The man decides to make his jump in Les Diablerets, Switzerland. Les Diablerets is a place meant for extreme sports and is a ski resort. Looks like the man went to the right place. It is probably somewhere you should check out if your a daredevil in Switzerland! It is located in the northern region of the Swiss Alps and has many mountains that are perfect for jumping off. The man begins his jump on a cliff as he and his partner count down and take the leap. He is wearing his black and red winguist, which is a suit that is perfect for gliding. It looks like a flying squirrel suit and has flaps connecting the arms and legs that make gliding possible. As he dives down head first, he is passing down the side of the cliffs and gaining lots of speed. He must really love the rush and feeling himself cut through the wind as he flies straight down!

As the cliff starts to come to an end, the man pulls up and starts to flatten out. This gives you less speed but also lets you glide a great distance. As he flattens out it almost looks like he is inches away from hitting the ground but he levels out just enough to clear it. He clears the bottom of the cliff and begins to glide over beautiful grass, rocks, and trees. At this point, he is quite aways away from his starting point and he leans back so to rise up in the air. He does this and it gives us a beautiful view of the whole distance he’s traveled! He then pulls his parachute and is ready for the descent towards the ground. You can see the big smile on his face and he drifts toward ground! This video is made for all the daredevils out there. In fact, we are sure this video will inspire some people to give wingsuits and parachuting a shot!