4 years ago

Husband shocked with baby #4 pregnancy announcement

This wife is no stranger to surprising her husband with pregnancy announcements, and yet he STILL did not see it coming. Danielle previously used the card game "Cards Against Humanity" to surprise her husband and all their friends with the announcement of baby number 3.

This time, she gets her husband on his birthday! Danielle gifts him a photo frame that says, "Rivenbark Party of 6". He is speechless (again), which is incredibly difficult to do as he would talk to wallpaper if you let him. Catching it on video was of course the best part.

He is seen mumbling at a loss for words. Jerry is flabbergasted in disbelief that Danielle got him again!

Of course, Jerry's big brother, Robbie, tries to signal at the start of the video that he thinks the surprise gift is a pregnancy announcement, but Jerry doesn't see him and that's for the better because catching Jerry at a loss for words is the best.

Jerry and Danielle can't wait to welcome baby number 4 to their household!

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