Sun Rays and Rainbows Create Beautiful Combination

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Rumble / Natural PhenomenaOccurred on October 9, 2018 / Cat Spring, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "This video was filmed by me. The sun was setting in the west and this beautiful rainbow was in the east. I have seen many rainbows but have never seen glowing light coming from the bottom of a rainbow. As I was filming, lightning was flashing through the sky. The light was so bright it looked like a portal to Heaven. I know God used the rainbow as a promise to men, this rainbow was created by God and a proof of his handiwork. My friend who is a professor at McMurry University stated the scientific name for the rays, 'The rays emanate from the point in the sky opposite to the Sun, the anti solar point, which is also the center of the rainbow. They have a fun name, 'anti crepuscular rays'.'"