Goofy Cat Jumps Into Empty Paper Bag

Published October 17, 2018 511 Views $0.89 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensJust like most cats, this silly feline feels the need to jump into an empty brown paper bag!
This is a very typical cat behavior. Anytime a cat is around a box or bag, especially those with cardboard or cardboard-like texture, you can pretty much guarantee that they are going to find their way into it! Cats seem to love being in small, enclosed spaces such as this bag seen in the video.

When a cat makes his or her way into a box or bag, it gives them a very specific feeling that they just cannot resist. This is a feeling of security. It is a naturally inbred instinct that all felines have. This goes back to their genetic history and ancestry. Being in a small space like that also used to give them an excellent hiding place while hunting down their prey in the wild. Cats are excellent hunters, and even domestic cats still have this very strong instinct to want to hunt down prey. That is why playing with your domestic cat is so easily achieved when the owner presents some type of toy the cat can use to hone in or practice their hunting instincts. Cats must have this type of stimulation to be fully rounded and happy. This is very important for all cat owners to know who have indoor cats that do not go outside. They do not have to go outside in order to be happy, as long as the owner provides their pet with the right kind of play. Most recommended are the toys attached to long “wands” that the owner can move around. This acts like a real live prey that the cat can “hunt down.” It is also recommended that when playing with your indoor cat in this way, you should always let your cat catch the “prey,” and leave it with them for a few seconds. If the cat can never catch it, they will become bored and insecure. They need to get that feeling of accomplishment to be a confident cat.

The owners of the cat in this video seem to know all of this well, and their cat is definitely a confident and happy one. This can be seen by the manner in which the cat jumps into the bag. He does not insecurely approach the bag; instead, he confidently leaps into it as if he knows that he is the king of his castle and will be safe no matter what. That is what a well-rounded and happy cat is supposed to look like. This video should show other cat guardians that when you do come home from shopping and you have a box or paper bag, do not be so quick to just throw it away. They are excellent things for your cat to enjoy before you toss it out into the trash. Be absolutely sure, though, to never give your pet a plastic bag of any kind. These are not at all safe, and any pet can get stuck in it and suffocate.