Bulldog Misses Dinner, Makes It Clear He's Upset

Published October 16, 2018 2,263 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHe is persistent, alright! It couldn't be more clear, the message this adorable bulldog is trying to communicate to its owner.

As the individual recording this video is clearly sitting on their bed, the dog is right by the bedside trying to get their attention. The hilarious dog begins to make puckering noises before moving on to smacking his lips. Again, the message he is trying to communicate couldn't be more clear.

This is a clear example of the many ways in which we both subconsciously and consciously communicate with our canine companions. Yes, the obey our demands like "sit, stay" or "shake a paw" but these relationships are much deeper than they may first seem. Not only does your dog's world revolve around you, but they are also constantly judging your behavior and body language. The same goes for you, you interact with your dog almost all the time you spend together. In the end, we do not have to understand the same language in order to communicate.

Dogs thrive under command. When out walking with your dog, do you constantly talk with them or is it silent? Next time you're out, try some chatter. Whether it is about it being a beautiful day or ask your dog if they are having a good time. We guarantee they will turn back and give you a big reassuring smile.

The one thing we can't help but think while watching this video is at least the owner wasn't eating or the dog was begging for food at the table. Have you ever been to a friend's house for dinner and the dogs face is inches away from your dinner plate? It couldn't be less appetizing. Thankfully, there are many ways to combat this annoying habit your dog may have picked up along the way. Hey, we can't blame them. They eat basically the same dry food every single day, and once they've had a taste of what we eat, they just want more of it. It is so important to never feed your dog human food, especially with intention. If something falls off the counter you could leave it, but if you feed your dog straight from the dinner table, expect them to act exactly like the dog in this video at your feet almost every time you eat!

We wonder what made the dog miss his dinner? It would be simply hilarious if the owner was too busy and forgot to feed their chubby pooch. Obviously, there would be no harm done as he is looks just fine. Yet when we establish a routine for our dogs, such as how we spend our mornings or when we take them out for a walk, it becomes the ultimate expectation. Don't you dare let them down, or else you'll be faced with these sad and sloppy eyes at your bedside!

We’re sure in the end this big Bulldog ended the night with a full belly and a smile on his face.