Irritated Dog Appears To Have An Evil Smile

Published October 16, 2018 10,739 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThey say that the smile is our best letter of introduction, but this saying is not very favorable for this small dog called Spike. He has a smile something particular and somewhat evil. This puppy at first glance does not seem to be very friendly, but his unusual way of acting, we find it very funny. A very evil smile!

The owner of this dog thought it would be a good idea to record his dog while petting him. The dog remains helpless when its owner strokes it, but things change when the owner tries to touch it with his finger, instead of caressing it, sliding his whole hand through the puppy's coat. The owner barely tries to touch him with his pointy finger, and the puppy interprets that as a threat, putting on that evil smile, which frightens anyone within inches of him. When the owner sees the reaction of his dog decides to caress him again and the dog calms down, but what a masochistic owner!, does not stop bothering his puppy, only to see the ugly face that makes the canine. How funny!

Spike has a broad smile, and it's not the most beautiful smile in the world, but surely his owner loves her. Spike is quite a brave little dog, and because he's so small, he reminds us of the terrifying smile of the Gremlins. They are identical! This puppy seems to be quite stubborn, you have to know how to handle the situation when it comes to caressing him. Although it is his own owner who caresses him, we don't want to imagine what it would be like if some stranger tried to touch him. Spike is a dog with an overflowing character, about to explode. Hilarious!

At the end of the video, Spike can't stand to be played with like that, let alone filmed to bring out his horrible smile. In a last attempt by his owner to annoy him, Spike throws himself at his owner to bite him. We don't know how the story ended, or if there were any wounds on the mischievous fingers of this indomitable creature's owner. For security reasons and to reassure little Gremlin, the cameras had to stop recording. What madness!

Spike seems only to show us his hobbies and be healthy. He doesn't foam at his mouth, he remains totally peaceful when his owner strokes him in a good way. We would summarize that he does not have rabies syndrome, that disease that has no cure and can only be controlled with treatments. It is not a bad idea that if you notice strange behaviors in your pet, which before did not have, do not think twice to take it to the vet. Rabies can manifest in different ways in our pets, from seeing him discouraged, or seeing him very aggressive and sensitive to things that before did not cause any reaction. It is enough to know our pet very well to detect these changes in his character.

This funny smile will be hard to forget, won't it? We invite you to share the video and give it "I like it". If you have any comments about this crazy smile, don't forget to leave us your opinion below. Enjoy it!