Perfect Recipe For Leftover Pralines

Published October 16, 2018 3,141 Plays

Rumble / Delicious RecipesSounds crazy, but there are people out there who don't eat up all their cake, so here's a delicious solution for that! These chocolate bites will not only be great for gatherings but they are pleasing to the eye and we know that most people eat what is appealing to the eye. Here is the simple recipe to follow when creating these cake bites.

Place a layer of chocolate cake into a mixer. Close the mixer of impulse ate the chocolate cake. Now this particular cake will not have any icing or flavor being on top or around it as it will be completely plain. Once it has been completely mixed then it will turn into chocolate powder but it will still have the color of the cake that you placed in there in the first place, so do not expect the color to change as we're not adding any water to this mixture. Transfer the chocolate powder into another medium-to-large sized bowl. Add roughly a tablespoon or less of orange liqueur. Mix the chocolate powder and the orange cord together being sure to keep the powder loose and not matted as we just want the liquid to be on most of chocolate cake. You do not want your chocolate cake powder to be lumpy at this point. Add a drizzle of whipping cream over the top of the entire chocolate powder and then mix it with your hands again being sure not to squeeze the chocolate cake and the liquids together.

Once you are satisfied with the mixing of all of the ingredients, you will then proceed to create small balls of this mixture. This is where you will squeeze the mixture is really tight into small balls. Arrange those small balls on a pan.

Take a bark of chocolate whichever one of the flavors that you prefer such as bittersweet or semisweet and chop it up into crumbly pieces. Place crumbly pieces into a pan on the stove then add a layer of whipping cream on top. Once the chocolate has melted to a creamy rich consistency you will then stick something into the chocolate balls to hold them while dipping them in chocolate. Make sure to cover the entire thing. Once the small chocolate balls have been dipped into the chocolate you can place chocolate sprinkles on top. You can even place pralines on top of the chocolate bites. You can even place the chocolate bites into cupcake tins for quicker and cleaner ways to pick up the bites.

These little bites will be a crowd-pleaser and will not break the bank when providing a great dessert for people to grab while on the go mingling with other party-goers.

While this dessert can be used with any cake mix and can be dipped into any flavoring as well as topped with your favorite cake topping for cupcake topping. These cake bites can also substitute for larger cupcakes when you have little ones over for a child's birthday party.