Mouthwatering 'Chicken Under A Brick' Recipe Method

Published October 16, 2018 568 Plays

Rumble / Delicious RecipesIs there any way to make grilled whole chicken better? Of course... Just crush it! Check it out!

This beautiful ground chicken will leave your mouth watering just by looking at it. What is so amazing about this grilled chicken, besides the flavor, is it is extremely easy to make. The key to grilling the chicken entirely or all the way through is to crush it down the middle and fan out the parts from side to side. This allows for the chicken to be cooked evenly while on the grill.

When you place the chicken on the grill you also place a whole lemon which you will cut up later to place over the cooked chicken. The meat is unbelievably moist and tender you can almost eat it with a fork and no knife.

To make this delicious meal the first thing you start out with is some fresh thyme. You want to pull the leaves or buds off of the stem and place them in a small bowl. Next you will add some lemon zest and garlic to the same bowl. No recipe will be complete without your trusty salt and pepper. After all ingredients are in the bowl, you begin to crush them together and Infuse each of the piece or flavor of the ingredients during the crushing process. Then you add a little bit of olive oil and proceeded to crush together the ingredients again.

At this time you will want to play some gloves on your hands. It will help to keep your hands clean while handling the chicken. Once this process is complete we will take a whole free range chicken and cut with shears down the center of the chicken, breast side up. Make sure to take out the sternum. At this time you will open the chicken fully and expose the inside of the chicken. All of your ingredients will then be placed inside and outside of the chicken. Be sure to rub the ingredients into the chicken as it will soak up all of the flavor that way.

On a hot and grill you want to place the chicken skin side down or breast side down. This will allow the chicken to be seared or browned on top which will not only provide the skin with great texture, but for presentation purposes as well. Be sure to place a weighted piece of cooking utensil on top of the chicken as to weight it down this will also allow the skin to be seared evenly while on grill. Once the chicken has been seared on one side and you will flip the chicken place those weighted utensils back on top. Once the process has been completed and the chicken is cooked your desired tenderness, in most cases all the way through for food safety reasons then you split the lemon down the middle and squeeze it on the breast side.

Place it on a dish, garnish it if you like but one thing is going to be true, you are going to want to make this dish over and over again.