Wild Turtle Gets Hand Fed Tasty Hot Dog

Published October 16, 2018 4,386 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHave you ever seen a turtle eat a sausage? This is your moment to see it, this turtle manages to appreciate the great pleasures of gastronomy. This little turtle comes out of the water and crawls on the ground with the intention of eating a sausage from the hands of a person, maybe the turtle has ordered food. The turtles usually eat any kind of food, these creatures accept to eat almost anything that comes from the hands of their owners, in this case, we see a sausage. Bring a hot dog immediately!

A turtle feels a strong taste for sausages, since three times it comes out of the water and crawls on the ground to eat a sausage from the hands of a person, mysteriously it is not the first time that this turtle tastes a sausage since it knows perfectly the flavor. In the first attempt to eat the sausage, the turtle has a bit of difficulty getting out of the water but eventually manages to get out, so it crawls on the ground to approach the sausage and gives it three satisfying bites, but then returns to water.

In the second attempt, the person places the sausage to be a little more accessible so that the turtle comes out of the water and manages to taste the delicious sausage once more, but this time he only takes a bite and returns to the water. On the third attempt, the turtle comes out of the water again to continue eating a little more, but the turtle eats less in each attempt, perhaps the turtle believes that it is enough food for the day, but still makes an effort to continue eating.

Throughout history there have been dozens of species of turtles, the truth is that they are animals that can be found anywhere in the world according to their species, usually in luxury shopping centers, zoos or simply as pets. Currently, there are also some movies and animated series where turtles are the stars, as is the case of "The ninja turtles", which are well known nowadays for their impressive trajectory.

The turtles can be native to the sea, freshwater or simply land, but they always love being in places where there is a fresh environment, they usually eat plants but they can also feed on other animals or receive different types of food. The appearance of the turtles changes a lot depending on where they are native. In this case, we can observe a small freshwater turtle with a strong attraction for sausages.

It is important to know the type of turtle with which we are dealing since we must know what their preferences are to take care of them properly, turtles can be over one hundred years old and enjoy very good health. In general, turtles grow slowly, which makes them pets that can spend many years in the care of a family and even move from one family to another. In the video, we see a turtle that has yet to grow and learn but seems to know the good taste of a sausage. This turtle has the same tastes as a human!