Fascinated Cat Chirps At Birds Behind Glass

Published October 16, 2018 1,402 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensWow! How incredible. Talk about interspecies communication. This is an incredible moment captured of a red Scottish cat at the windowsill making chirping noises at a bird it sees outside.

Imagine your own cat looking out the window; laying there quietly. Their tail may be slightly bouncing and you may hear them purring. Until they spot the bird outside in the tree. Your cat starts making sounds you’ve never heard before. Is she confused, excited, ill or hungry? Many believe they can read their feline friend’s mind, but in these circumstances of extraordinary behavior, we have yet to figure out the exact reason our cats chirp when they see birds.

Is the cat trying to entice its prey? Or simply trying to communicate and say "hello!"

If your cat has never reacted this way to a bird outside the window, you may even find yourself in shock watching this video! We know we did. We never knew such a circumstance occurred. Little did we know, this is a common trait in our feline friends. There have been several accounts of cats chirping at birds just like we see in this video. What is the cat trying to communicate!?

We can speculate that because the cat is mimicking the noises that the bird may make, the cat may be attempting to perk the curiosity of it's pray to lure it closer. After all, these animals are natural predators and would act accordingly if left unattended in the wild.

Joe Rogan brought up this theory in his new comedy special on Netflix called Strange World. He claims that although we love these animals as our family members, we must acknowledge that we live and love amongst murderers. Let us explain. If you own a bird and a cat together, you would never let the cat get at the bird because of the fear that he would simply eat this other member of your family. You would never let your hamster out of the cage because you know in the end the final result is not going to be pretty. Yes, your cat won’t attack you, but it will others. In the situation of this video, it would be so easy to laugh and say “How adorable!” We may even go so far to personify the cat that it just wants to make friends with the bird!

Due to the mother-child relationship shared during kitty-hood, the cat could think that he is enticing the bird to follow him. Cats also converse with one another in this peculiar manner.

All this being said, it is truly unknown why cats chirp at birds this way. We think a realist would laugh at anyone who claims anything other than the cat trying to lure the bird so he can eat it. Yet because these animals are not our predator and have little to no chance of seriously harming ourselves, we love them as members of our family. Would you love a cat if you were the bird? Would you ever want to go closer? We think we would all choose to fly away.