Defendant lunges for officer's gun in courtroom

Published October 16, 2018 807 Views

Rumble / Stupid CriminalsOn October 10, 2018, two Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Corrections Deputies were assigned to provide court security in room 305 of the Lincoln County Courthouse. At approximately 1010, an altercation took place when the defendant, an inmate, in custody of the Lincoln County Jail, made an attempt for a Newport Police Officer's service weapon. The police officer, who was present at the counsel table to testify in the trial, was able to create separation from the attack, while jail deputies quickly intervened and took the defendant to the ground, he was secured and returned to the jail. Due to the swift actions from the officer and deputies involved, none of the parties sustained any serious injuries, jail medical staff treated one of the deputies for minor scrapes and abrasions. The defendant was un-restrained during this court appearance.

Credit: facebook/Lincoln County Sheriff's Office - Oregon

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