Determined Dog Finds A Way To Jump Onto The Bed

Published October 15, 2018 2,848 Plays $8.88 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIn the video of today we have a little moment from the daily life of this tiny dog. We don’t know the name of this adorable fur ball but all we know is that the task that he is up to during the clip, is to get onto the bed to be able to nap comfortably. This dog is really determined to find a way to jump onto bed, as the whole clip is about him trying to hop on. The camera must have been left on the bed recording, facing the side of the bed where the dog is trying to jump. A voice could be heard during the video but we stopped paying it attention because we realized that it was not the owner’s voice but more the voice coming from the TV that was on when the camera was recording.

We can see a corridor in the background, where another dog of the same breed is just laying down on the floor having a little nap, we can see him with his head up at the start of the clip but later he puts it down to rest. The agitation of his dog friend trying to reach the bed does not seem to distract him. Maybe the dog lying on the floor is a little bit smaller or less courageous than the dog trying to get on the bed.

That being said the video would have been twice as cute if both those dogs where trying to get on the bed to cuddle. But as this is not the case, let’s go back to talk about the dog trying so hard to conquer the bed. The video is really cute to watch because during the time that the dog is jumping by the side of the bed to climb onto it, we can see his little head popping from the edge. It comes out for a second and at times we can’t see it at all as he is jumping up and down on the floor.

Do you think this little cutie will ever make it on the bed? Just wait for it! Because he definitely is not getting tired or discouraged. The dog finally manages to get his upper body on the edge of the bed, right behind his front legs. At that moment he uses all the strength he has to stay on, push with his legs to lift himself up on the bed and it finally makes it! You can see how happy he is, although he is tired as he had been trying for a solid 40 seconds. His tail is wagging around and soon after you can see him on the bed to take his well deserved rest. At that moment, the dog that was in the background isn’t lying anymore but he got up, although he is not moving and staying still, exactly where he was lying. The dog finally has the space he wanted, in the comfy bed, where he can probably get some cuddles from his owner that must have been nearby the camera.