Adorable Puppy Shows A Tennis Ball Who's The Boss

Published October 15, 2018 5,358 Views $3.29 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWatch this funny video, featuring a helpless tennis ball and an eight-month-old brave dog. The puppy thinks he's the toughest canine when he tries to challenge the ball to attack him and trembles with fear in front of him, but that won't happen, the balls are for throwing and playing! This dog is very funny and he is the most innocent and tender thing your eyes will see.

This beautiful eight-month-old puppy will steal your heart. He is very adorable and has an incredible play of colors in his coat, which makes him look even more beautiful. In the video we see how this little guy plays with a tennis ball, which he tries to attack, but turns back as if he didn't want to touch it. The puppy just wants to keep an eye on the ball, in case it moves at any time. It seems that his owner has not taught this puppy to play with a ball, because he sees the tennis ball as a weirdo, something that is very funny for those who see the video of this little puppy with a lot of character. Hilarious!

In the video we see how the adorable puppy barks at the tennis ball. He jumps in the most tender way, but he considers it threatening to the ball, which just sits there. He jumps repeatedly until he notices that his owner is recording it, so he puts a very tender face that in a second arrow our heart. The puppy is quite photogenic, he loves to be recorded and look like a brave dog in front of the cameras How tender!

We know that pets can have fun with almost anything, they are able to see the fun side of everything. Although this is a simple static ball, this little dog teaches the ball who is in charge and who is the boss. Maybe he has such a big imagination, that that little ball for him is a big ogre, which he tries to tame. Puppies are very similar to human children when it comes to playing, they love to learn new things, see everything and touch everything, because they are very curious like any child in their first months of life.

When we have a puppy as small as this one at home, it is to be expected that it reacts in this way when seeing objects that it had not seen before, because they are barely knowing this world. When this puppy knows how to use balls, he will run all over the yard with them. Puppies adapt very quickly to environments, even if they don't have a mother. If they are given enough care and love, they will grow up happily by your side.

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