Scary Chucky Doll Rides Around On A Robot Vacuum

Published October 13, 2018 6,496 Plays $5.54 earned

Rumble / Funny & WeirdHalloween is right around the corner and people are getting out their scariest decorations and their scariest costumes. Halloween is definitely a polarizing holiday, either you love it or you hate it. If you are easily scared and you don’t like dark and spooky atmosphere, or just you are not a fan of candy, then Halloween is definitely not for you. If in fact, if you love watching horror flicks, dressing up in the scariest or funniest things you can imagine, eat tons of candy, and love haunted houses then you’re lucky!

Halloween is all about getting together with your friends and family and exploring your dark and spooky side. People dress up as their favorite villain, superhero, movie monster, and more, to go and explore the city at night and do trick or treat! The most important part about Halloween are the decorations, costume, and movies that get played! People love decorating their house with skeletons, webs, and ghouls and scary movies are played all day long.

Some of the most popular Halloween scary movies usually deal with killers that torment the main characters of the movie. One of the most popular Halloween movie villains is Chucky, the killer doll. Most people are aware of this creature and even though Chucky is a doll, he is quite terrifying! Just one look at him makes you shudder, with scratches all on his face, disfigured head, and wielding a knife. Chucky first appeared in the movie, “Child’s Play” where Chucky the killer doll is trying to transfer his soul to a human body so he can wreak even more havoc! There aren’t too many things scarier than a serial killer doll for children!

This video captures the perfect essence of Halloween, combining scary decorations with the perfect movie villain. This person took decorations to a new level with their Chucky doll. If you have ever been to a Halloween party you most likely have seen someone dressed up as Chucky or maybe a Chucky doll in someone’s house. This person decided to put their Chucky doll on a Roomba! A Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that is self-operating and roams around the house and does the vacuuming. It is a round small device and needs no one to control it and just moves along the floor cleaning it up. With the Chucky doll standing on the Roomba, it looks as though the doll is moving around on its own. This is perfect for scaring people or perfect for a party. The Roomba is small enough so people will not notice it and they will only see the small Chucky doll roaming around the living room! How scary!

Even scarier is that this Chucky doll is one with a knife in hand and one that has voice lines. Imagine being at a party and you turn around and see the Chucky doll with a knife walking towards you and talking to you! This might be a party that you will be leaving early from! The Chucky doll has an absolutely terrifying laugh and even moves its head back and forth. This person must be a huge Halloween fan and is definitely ready to scare some people!