Smart Dog Knows How to Use The Refrigerator's Ice Machine

Published October 12, 2018 7,271 Views $11.26 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are kind, faithful and utterly smart. They learn things faster than the best of us. A few tries and they can figure out the toughest of things. They are trained to become masters at any particular act and this video vouches our theory of dogs being one of the smartest animals.

This clip features a really cute, seven-month-old dog who resembles a polar bear. This dog is trying to reach the ice machine and use it. Yes, you heard me right! The ice machine. Well, we have a theory for this. The dog highly resembles a polar bear. With its thick white fur and huge figure. It weighs almost 80 pounds, which is much lesser that a polar bear but quite a significant number for a seven-month-old dog.

All right, let’s get to the theory we have developed! The dog has made it through the ice machine with just a few tries, proving that he has some polar bear instincts in him. He wasn’t trained on how to use the machine or nobody even showed it to him. It all came naturally to him like an instinct usually does. Now the dog can not only reach the machine but also take the ice out and use it.

The part where the dog uses the ice is still kind of unsettling to us. I mean what will it use ice for? Milkshakes? Cold coffee or iced tea? Does this dog like cold drinks? I think the dog just wants to play with ice because it’s summer and he is hot. Yes, that could be it. This reminds us of a rumble video where a dog is chilling in a refrigerator because he is just too hot, he won’t obey his master’s order of coming out of the fridge. He just wants to chill in there for the rest of the day.

We can totally relate to the dog in this video after watching the dog chilling inside the refrigerator. It is just too hot for us humans, we can only imagine what dogs must go through! This dog is just too smart to figure out a way to get through the summer because now he has access to the cold ice machine! Unlimited lifetime access, unless the owner decides to child lock the machine! We hope they don’t do that! We like seeing the dog happy triumphing over the ice machine, he has finally found something that intrigues him plus helps get through the summer heat.

We wonder how this dog plays with the ice after all? Does he lay it under him or does he hold it in his paws? We can’t help but wonder whether the ice tickles him like it would tickle a human? We would really love to see the dog play with ice because this video has literally made our day. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this dog and his ice machine bond. Share this video to make someone else smile too.