Daughter Gives Dad Oakland Raiders Tickets As A Birthday Present

Published October 12, 2018 1,359 Views $8.39 earned

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesEven though she's a Broncos fan and her dad is a Raiders fan, this clever gift has him in tears after he realizes they're going to the game together! How cool is that?

This daddy-daughter duo has had a long time rivalry over their favourite football teams. They love to give each other a hard time and make fun of each other’s top teams. When the daughter gives her dad a gift, he says “this better not have something to do with the stupid Bronco’s!” He is about the get a beautiful surprise he does not see coming!

As he struggles to open his gift, which he tries to be as gentle as possible with, you can see the curiosity on his face. He has received two presents from his daughter and while opening gift number one, he mumbles how stupid this is and glares at his daughter. He knows something is up, but clearly has no idea what it is!

After finally getting the first present open, his daughter tells him to read the note on top of the box out loud so everyone can hear him. He refuses to read it out loud but holds up the box which says “These are for you to use next Sunday Denver crushes Oakland.” To this her Dad responds “ha ha, really funny”, obviously not impressed by the joke. “You’re the one that is going to need it, not me.” He still has no idea what she is up to.

After he opens the second gift, which is a package of wet wipes, he flips the package over to find yet another note. This note reads “and these are for when you find out we are going to the game!” After he reads the note while wiping off the tears, , his daughter hands him two tickets for the Bronco’s vs the Raiders! Dad becomes completely speechless as he sits there on the bed with his mouth hanging wide open. He did not expect this at all and his pure surprise is so heartwarming!

Seconds pass without him saying a word. He just sits there, so blown away that he cannot even speak. His daughter finally clarifies that they are indeed going to the big game together and his daughter even booked their hotel and everything so they can have an amazing daddy-daughter experience watching their favorite football teams together!

Dad jumps up and hugs his thoughtful daughter. What started as a funny joke turned into an emotional family moment as dad starts to tear up he is so overwhelmed with happiness. As the tears start falling, he wants to video camera turned off out of embarrassment. He was not expecting this surprise and he could not be anymore happy with his amazing present from his daughter! He gets even more excited when he finds out their seats are dead center and third row up! His daughter has really nailed this gift!

Have you ever received a gift that made you cry?