Howling Dog Tries Hard To Tell Owner "I Love You"

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Published: October 12, 2018

Dog videos never cease to amaze. Dogs are always up to something incredible and it’s amazing how much of the stuff they do is caught on camera. These pets are some of the most loyal creatures and they are always so loving towards their owners.

You can spend hours online watching cute videos of dogs doing amazing things. Sometimes you can forget how smart and human-like they can act. They often show great compassion and love towards humans and are very easy to get along with.

There are many popular videos of excited dogs seeing their owners after a long time, dogs taking care of sick owners, and even howling to show affection! In this case the dog in the video is showing its owner some love! Dogs often surprise people with the faces they make and some of the “talking” they do.

Many videos feature dogs showing big smiles when they’re happy or big mouths open and eyes wide when excited or surprised! They can even do their version of talking, even though it isn’t as accurate as maybe a parrot mocking you, these dogs definitely try to get some words out!

Howling for dogs is one of the main forms of vocal communications. Barking is another thing that dogs usually do as a warning sound or sound for alerting. A howl is used more for announcing their presence or to make contact with others. Lots of times dogs howl as a response to other sounds they hear. It is often for high pitched noises but in this case it used to communicate with its owner. Howling is mainly used for getting some attention! If your dog is howling, it is mainly interested in having your attention!

This video is all about the dog R-2 howling for its owners attention. R-2 seems like an amazing dog and seems so loving. Its owner and it are lying on the bed and the owner starts to record this funny and cute moment. This must be something R-2 does often since it seems the owner knows exactly what to say. As they are laying on the bed the owner says, “I love you” and the dog hears it and starts howling in approval. It seems as the owner says this, R-2 is responding with its own “I love you”.

The owner continues to say it and each time R-2 continues to howl. In fact, it seems the more it is said the more its howls start to mimic the words. The howls seem to be mimicking the tone and flexion in her voice and it gets louder after time goes on!

You can tell R-2 loves getting attention and loves being cared for. These two seem to have an amazing relationship and you can tell R-2 is a very loving dog. Most dogs are very compassionate and loyal to their owners and R-2 seems no different. This must happen very often and R-2 is no stranger to shouting out its love for its owner at the top of its lungs! It is such a cute dog and such a loyal friend!

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