Killer Whale Throws Sea Lion 20 Feet Into The Air

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Rumble If you are looking for a thrill, you are in the right place! This video undoubtedly makes every person who sees it gasp in shock, and maybe a little bit of horror, too!

This occurred in Ketchikan, Alaska. It is common knowledge for the most part that killer whales and sea lions do not get along. More often than not, the sea lion is a part of the killer whale’s most favorite dishes on its dinner menu. This is a sad fact for many people, as they find sea lions to be so adorable and cute and friendly. This video shows a killer whale catapulting a sea lion twenty feet into the air. This could be viewed as amazing and kind of cool, or it can be viewed as horribly sad. For those who consider themselves faint of heart, or those who are intensely into animal protection and nonviolence, this may not be the video for them.

The video filming begins on a boat. The person on the boat has pulled out his camera to capture this bizarre moment. There is a sea lion just under the water level, right up against the side of the man’s boat. This little cutie is just enjoying his day, rubbing against the boat’s hull. Sea lions are known to be very inquisitive creatures, and they are also well known for being extremely playful around other animals of all kinds and around humans as well. These are truly just beautiful animals. The man filming follows the sea lion from one side of the boat to the other, watching the little guy swimming. The sea lion at one point comes out of the water a little bit to blow a bit of water up at the camera man. Watch closely as the beautiful sea lion plays back and forth swimming beside the boat, but just wait for what comes next.

The sea lion dives down back into the deep water after a minute or two. The camera man darts to the other side quickly to try to recapture the animal on film once again. After a moment, we see the sea lion again peeping up over the water’s surface, following the boat and the fisherman on board. This is the perfect lure for a predatory sea creature.

Many scientific organizations use rubber sea lions dragged from behind boats to lure sharks and whales to the surface for studying. This is featured on “Shark Week” almost every year on Discovery Channel. Americans from all over the country tune in every year to see this footage. Therefore, it is not surprising that the sea lion in this video ends up attracting the killer whale. Out of seemingly nowhere, the whale breaks the surface with a mighty force, catapulting the poor sea lion way into the air. The whale and the sea lion go in separate directions, and the entire scene is amazingly caught on film! These fisherman were smart to keep their camera rolling so that they could capture this rare footage.


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