Golden Retriever Pins And Tickles A Toddler

Published October 11, 2018 10,937 Views $331.19 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsHave you ever seen a dog that knows how to tickle? Watch this big and gentle Golden Retriever dog play and wrestle with a giggling toddler in this heartwarming clip. Their friendship is so adorable, you can just tell how much these two love each other as they play around on the bed, rolling around and having such a great time! So cute!

When the video begins, we immediately wondered what the big furry dog was doing to this small child. At first, it looked like he was trying to stop the child from falling off the bed or just didn’t want the baby to get away. But as we watched, we realized that the dog was actually and physically tickling the baby, making her laugh and laugh in the most hilarious way!

The baby clearly adores the dog. She hugs the pup as hard as she can, grabbing onto his legs lovingly. The dog must be ten times bigger than the baby, yet these two make the most beautiful friends’ couple. The puppy even jumps right over top of the babies head to get in a sneak attack tickle, sending the infant in a complete belly laugh that is contagious! The dog uses his nose to poke at the baby and tickles her gently. This entertains the child so much, she just cannot get enough. She just keeps laughing and laughing adorably!

There is something about watching a baby and a dog wrestle that just melts your heart. To see such a big and gentle dog act so lovingly to a baby is the cutest thing ever! The caring canine even takes it with a grain of salt when the baby accidently hits him in the face. There is no aggression here. These two are best friends and have been together since the day the baby was born. The dog acts almost as a nanny and feels very protective of the child!

Watch as the Golden Retriever actually pins down the baby to get in there and tickle her. He licks her face while holding her down and the baby just loves it. Even though the dog must outweigh the baby a lot, it doesn’t seem to matter. These two just love playing together and wrestling on the bed. They could do this for hours and hours at a time!

Golden Retrievers are a large, blonde dogs that were bred for hunting, however they have become extremely popular family dogs for all of the reasons we can see in this video. Golden’s make great pets in families with children because they are very patient with children and friendly with everyone they come into contact with. Their trusting and gentle personalities make them poor guard dogs as they will befriend pretty much anyone who comes to their home. They are extremely intelligent dogs and rank number four in dog intelligence after the German shepherd, Poodle and Border collie. We can clearly see how smart this breed is. If this dog knows to tickle a laughing baby, what else can he learn to do?