Good Doggy Obeys Halloween Skeleton's Commands

Published October 11, 2018 7,381 Plays $9.23 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThe funniest moment of the day has arrived, we assure you that you will not stop laughing looking at this funny video where Dude the beautiful dog of the Richards family is totally obedient to the orders of the decorative skeleton for Halloween. What a good puppy!

This is definitely a tactic that all lovers and dog owners should consider when trying to get their pet to obey them if they are naughty or a bit rebellious they will surely not be able to ignore the orders of a terrifying skull. How funny!

This beautiful dog is very friendly, affectionate, faithful companion but is a little unruly; so to obey is a subject that Dude has a little trouble with. Driven by this reason his owners decided to find an alternative so that the undisciplined doggo can get a little order and stop doing so many pranks at home, after a long search with various methods, they realized that this beautiful animal is insubordinate and mischievous by nature so they surrendered.

However, after the arrival of Halloween and bringing home a new member "The Skeleton" they noticed a little submission by their pet. What is going on?

As they observed that Dude modified his behavior a bit in front of the bony friend, apparently the somewhat frightening and intimidating aspect of the skull makes the now well behaved dog to be a little bit more cautious when committing some mischief at home since he knows that "someone" is watching him. Very funny! Even his manners and his problems of obedience have begun to improve noticeably.

Definitely, the Richards family found the perfect ally to train the restless puppy and the results have been wonderful. Now Dude wins up congratulations for his good behavior, for the tricks he performs and for obeying every order of the skeleton of Halloween. Keep it up Dude!

So if you are one of those people who have a somewhat rebellious pet at home you should not miss this funny clip, you will surely identify with Dude’s owners or we can just give you an idea of ​​how to make your dog behave and express exemplary obedience. If it is the case, we suggest you look among your Halloween decorations and maybe get some decoration that may be useful to achieve the desired goal.

For their part, the Richards family are definitely determined to keep the skeleton as part of the family, since they achieved what they themselves could not achieve, diminish the mischief of the unruly Dude, so it is probable that the bony friend who is in charge of giving the commands and commands for the educated pet will stay a bit longer.

Let's just hope that the adorable dog stays focused on his new and exemplary behavior and that he continues to maintain the respect for the skeleton since until now it is the only thing that has worked, the family has their hopes set on "The Skeleton".

If you had fun with this hilarious video and you thought a great idea of ​​the family trick so that your dog managed to obey, then do not hesitate to share so that it is seen by others too.


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