Top Ten Hardest Prisons To Escape From

Published October 11, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Criminals sometimes find themselves where they do not want to be. Some of the prisons in this country are known for being the hardest prisons to escape from. Number ten is a prison in China that has the tallest watch area in the world and sits three thousand feet above sea level. The China prison was built to hold the most dangerous criminals of the Chinese Democracy Movement.

Number nine is a prison in Syria known for prisoners not having the chance to escape and the survival is very slim. The Syria prison is located in the middle of a desert and even scary, there is only one way in and one way out. You have to crawl through an underground tunnel to enter and exit.

Number eight is the prison in Indiana with the minimal number of guards but is one of the worst prisons to try to escape from in the U.S. The prison boasts high security through fingerprint detection - there are 360 degree cameras and facial recognition, and biometric locks on each cell.

Number seven is in Japan and it houses the most dangerous criminals in Japan. No one has ever been able to escape from this Japan prison. The prison is so locked down that the details of the prison have always been kept secret.

Number six is in Massachusetts which has the most technologically enhanced security system. The security system was designed by MIT, one of the technologically advanced schools in U.S. Cameras are everywhere and monitor every move inside all day long.
Number five is Alcatraz in the U.S. which has been known for its attempt escapes. Some of the most noticeable celebrities and criminals of the U.S. such as Al Capone, Whitney Bulgar, and Rafael Miranda. There have been fourteen attempts with five escapees unaccounted for and they are presumed dead by drowning. Some escapes from Alcatraz have been investigated for decades.

Number four is in India, the oldest, largest, and most overpopulated prison in India which is known for its inhumane conditions. The cells and walls are surprisingly bomb proof, no one coming in or out.

Number three is in France which is known for its brutal and secure levels of security. It looks like a brick with carved out holes for prisons. Prisoners have attempts to escape through the sewage pipes and the pipes were closed off leading to the prisoners being suffocated.

Number two is in Cuba, known for being near impossible to escape. It is one of the most unique prisoners in the world as it sits in the middle of an American Military Base. The highest profiles criminals live here and one prisoner is watched by twelve guards.

Number one is in Colorado, known as the Alcatraz of the Rockies and is considered the most secure supermax prison in the world. Prisoners are locked into their cells for twenty three hours a day. One hour is given for leisure time.

It is a wonder why anyone would commit a crime to live in such places as the hardest prisons to escape from.