Shiba Inu Literally Dances For Water Bottle

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs have their favourite toys to play with and will do anything to play with them! This dog has a peculiar favorite and when you see what she does to get her favourite toy, you will fall down laughing! Although it may appear that this pup is very thirsty, it actually only wants the empty plastic bottle to play with. Priceless!

When the dog’s owner lines up a bunch of water bottles on the counter, the pup hilariously starts dancing around, bouncing off the floor and tapping her feet like a tap dancer! Her moves are so impressive! She starts licking her lips in anticipation of getting those water bottles and can already taste them. The Shiba Inu wants the bottles so bad that she would do anything to get it!

This dancing doggy is almost doing a classic Irish jig in front of the countertop, where two half filled bottles of water stand. You can see in her puppy eyes just how bad she wants them. When she stops dancing, the dog just tilts her head to one side and stares at them longingly. Her owner asks her if she wants the water and you can clearly see she does!

Have you ever seen such good dance moves on a dog? Her rhythmic movements are perfectly in time as she leaps back and forth, making little clicking noises on the hardwood floor. Her tail bops in time with her dancing and her excitement could not be anymore clear. She wants the bottles on the counter!

The Shiba Inu is a small dog bred from Japan. They are very agile and quick movers as you can see in this video. They are used to coping with a mountainous terrain and can move their feet very quickly. This breed gets their name from Shiba, meaning tree or shrub and Inu, meaning dog in Japanese. The term tree or shrub in their name is believed to be caused by either the way they hunt in the wild shrubs or because the color of the breed is similar to a native shrub in Japan. The name is often translated to “Little brushwood dog”.

The breed is extremely active and their bodies are very muscular. They are a small breed, growing up to only 17 inches tall and weighing only 22 pounds. Although they may be little, they are very powerful dogs with a thick double coat and a fox like face. Shiba Inu’s are very spirited dogs and tend to be very independent. They don’t always make good family pets living with other small animals or small children, but are extremely smart and trainable, making them adaptable to any living situation.

This pup has obviously adapted very well to her family and household and she is a happy and excitable dog. Watching her dance around the kitchen shows how happy she is and when she finally gets those water bottles on the counter, she is going to be even happier!

Have you ever seen such a hilarious reaction when a dog wants a toy?



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