Daddy Cat Can’t Keep Up With The Playful Behavior Of Its Son

Published October 11, 2018 24 Plays $0.03 earned

Rumble Watch this funny video, where we see a little kitten that looks like a miniature tiger. He is trying to attack his father and convince him to play with him at all costs. This little kitten wants to play so badly with his dad. Who wouldn’t want to play with him? Just look how adorable this little cat-like tiger is!

Little kittens are known for having incredible energy and a desire to play all the time. Young cats like to play and they may seem as ferocious as tigers, attacking other cats, too. But they also run around simulating a fun fight between cats. This beautiful kitty tries to play with his daddy, but he doesn't feel like playing; the little brindle baby insists on bothering him a bit, while his father puts on that hateful face, upset because he was left looking after the naughty fierce boy. Hilarious!

The mother of this tiger kitty probably went out to hunt mice, while she left her baby with her father. The kitty;s character is very similar to that of his daddy, he has come out to be identical to him which obviously didn't make this daddy very happy. However, dad might not be in the mood at the moment, but he he loves his little creature which has an energy and cunning of a hunter tiger, adoring all the stripes of his small brindle body. The kitten runs all over the house and sticks like a Velcro sticker on all the curtains of the house. He is a pet full of energy, and we bet his owners love to have fun with him.

They say that when the cat is not there, the mice party. But the one who is celebrating is this rebellious little kitten, who doesn't stop bothering his daddy to play with him. This baby kitten has an unlimited energy, compared to his father, who is already exhausted from playing so much, and can not keep up with this little ball of cat energy.

Finally, when the cat realizes that his father no longer wants to play, the feline already has a new victim. The cat goes directly towards the camera, to bother the cameraman, who is his owner. We can hear the little kitty pleading “let’s play!” and this is how the video ends, with the owner turning off the camera, so that she can play with her tireless baby kitten, which would fit well in the palm of her hand. Overload of tenderness!

No doubt pets are in charge of brightening our lives day after day. It is impossible to get bored having a pet as happy as this kitten in our home. Nature gave us those unconditional friends, who often do not need to talk to us so and we know that they will always be there, whether to play or spend time with us. So if you have a pet, value it because many pets are not lucky enough to have a warm home and a loving owner.

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