Magnificent Drone Footage Captures Awesome Fall Colors

Published October 10, 2018 997 Views $1.02 earned

Rumble / World TravelMueller Park is a popular trail in Bountiful, Utah. This beautiful clip shows a drone flying away, capturing the fall colors on the mountain. The view is absolutely unreal!

From this bird’s eye view, you can see everything that makes up this park. The colors of the leaves and trees are so rich and flawless. You’ll see vibrant reds, greens, yellows, pinks, purples, oranges, blues, whites, and the list continues. Everyone has seen the seasons change, and we have all watched the colors of leaves change from green to fall colors; however, not many can say that they have seen fall colors that are quite this drastically bright and vibrant. In the center there is a large white rock face positioned amongst the trees.

The video begins with a close up view of the two male drone operators. One very interesting fact with this video, as well as the other videos posted/uploaded on similar channels, is that it is all recorded using a drone.

If you are not familiar with drones, here is some basic explanation:
A drone is a remotely controlled device that is used to record people or places or events. It is similar to a miniature airplane; however, many new drones have completely different designs. It really depends on the type and brand of drone that you are seeing or using.

One important piece of a drone is to be sure that it is discreet. This characteristic is nonnegotiable for most drone customers. Drone operators want a quiet machine that will not draw massive attention as it soars through the air. This could be for the purpose of being discreet and somewhat sneaky.

There are a few other channels who have also uploaded several videos that are just as interesting and contain gorgeous views just like this video does. To see more landscape and breathtaking horizons, click this other video of a paraglider who is soaring high over a mountain range. He recorded this video using a drone also. It is pretty amazing to see this different kind of point of view of our beautiful planet. People get so used to their visual of life that they sometimes do not even realize how truly remarkable Earth really is.

Videos like these remind us of the true and natural beauty of this world that we should never take for granted. Amazing nature captured by a drone flying over Hatta Dubai. This is located on the Rumble Travel Channel. Anyone who enjoys extensive traveling will love these aerial views that a drone can show you. People can have remarkable experiences with these little contraptions and devices.

Besides drones being used by adults, they can also be used by and for children. Kids love anything that comes with a remote control. While this would be a rather expensive “toy” for a child, there is absolutely no way they would not like it!

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