Man Flies 1,200 Miles To Make His Girlfriend Happy

Published October 10, 2018 217,740 Views $21.06 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThe element of surprise is always one of the most effective element in melting someone’s heart. What could be more surprisingly sweet than opening your door after a day’s work and be surprised with your beloved’s display of care and love. It had always been said that the value of a surprise is not what matters most. Needless to say, it is the love and thoughtfulness embodied in the surprise that counts much. Thoughtfulness requires effort and time – from the time of thinking and planning to the moment of executing the surprise.

How much time did this man spent in puncturing a hole on those pictures so he could hang them with a ribbon? Punching those holes is just a small portion of this time-consuming surprise. How about the time needed to attached the ribbons or string on those pictures and hanging them on the ceiling so that the girl will walk across the room as if crossing a memory lane of treasured moments spent together? Certainly, thoughtfulness requires time – an element that people these days do not have much to give.

In this fast-paced lifestyle that we live in, can everyone stop for a minute to send thoughtful and sweet messages to their girlfriend? Well, perhaps, this is easy to do and if someone cannot give the other just a single minute of the day, he or she may not love him/her. How about hours of your time – do you have hours to give to your girlfriend or boyfriend? If you will it, you will find a way to do it. Everyone deserves the time to spend with their significant other. Everyone deserves to feel valued.

This video reminds us today to give him or her time. Each twenty four hours of a day, what portion of it do you give to him or her? If your answer to this question is – no time, usually, as required by daily work and obligations, ponder deeper and assess the relationship you are in right now specially so if the other person likewise cannot give time to you. Ask this question: Is he or she not my priority in my life? If you truly love him/her then your answer would be she is or he is. But how can you claim that she is your priority if you cannot give a part of your 24 hours?

In the same manner, if your significant other does not give a part of her time to you, start reflecting. Certainly, changes are called for. Before you plunge into what that change would be, time is likewise needed to reflect more deeply. With all the advanced manner of getting in touch, distance or busy work days cannot be an excuse. It will not take a minute to send an emoji or a short message of love. Distance is even bridged closer with all the means of communication we have these days.

Think about this, everyone deserves to be love and feel loved – that includes you and him or her.