Dad And His Daughter Lip-Sync In Perfect Unison

5 years ago

There aren’t many things in life that are much cuter than seeing a strong bond between a parent and their children. This father and daughter have a very strong bond and we can see that from this adorable father-daughter lip sync. This father and his little girl evidently have a close bond, that much we know. But seeing them playing around and being silly together is all too cute.

This is the video of the father and his two-year-old daughter which has quickly gone viral and it shows how both of them lip sync together after a bath time. The song that they use for this occasion is “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 and they look adorable while watching themselves in the mirror and sing in unison. During the filming, the little girl perfectly knows the song as she mouths the words together with her father. We love this heartwarming moment!

Every family has a bath time routine with the children because going to bed is something that many children opposed to, so making it more enjoyable is a must. This father decided to make the bath time unique for his daughter, and we can see both of them having so much fun together. No wonder why the video has gone viral in no time!

The little munchkin has just gone out of bath as she is wrapped up in her pinky towel and the daddy-daughter duo is ready to start. They have a quick singing session before the sweet girl goes to bed. From start to finish of this video, the adorable two-year-old demonstrates just how well she knows the Maroon 5 hit song by being able to lip sync most, if not all, of the words.

She is so focused on mouthing every word to this hit song while her dad holds and sways her. There is this interesting moment in the video when the singer hits a big “Oh” when this cutie and her dad stop lip synching giving her a freedom to make an exaggerated ‘oh’ herself. Her parents are both surprised by her shrewdness and they immediately start laughing. This dad knows how to make his daughter happy and drying time after bath amusing. It is an adorable moment shared between the father and daughter of the family.

The video has easily become a hit because it’s an off-the-charts level of cute and the little girl has pretty impressive skills. She is one heck of a lip syncer. While she may not know all the words, she obviously knows all the important ones. The internet can’t get enough of the talented baby and her doting dad. It’s impressive that a girl so young can keep up with the lyrics. In fact, the faces she pulls makes the video all the more awesome.

Don’t forget to watch this adorable father-daughter lip sync in the video above. Also, we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what your thoughts of the video are in the comment section below!

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